World Wide Business Bible (used from 2006 to 2016) will be restored soon.

Method of success in common to all jobs.
What should we train in the workplace?
Which muscles do you lack training to reach the strongest Fedor?
_-5__ -3__ -1_+1__+3__+5_
_Philosophy (moral correctness) ★★★
_Speed of work
_Aaccuracy of work
_understanding (depth)...1st
_Analytical skill (Precision)...2nd
_Judgement skill (accuracy)...3rd
_Explanation,Persuasiveness (speech/writing)...4th
_Sense (sense95%: 5%academic) ★★★
_Originality (individuality)
_Advanced (WinningProducts ,invention)
_Sociability (salesman)
_Objectivity (self-analysis24h like Fedor)
_Selfless,unselfish (like Fedor)
_Subordinate upbringing ability (like this) ★★★
_Resolution ability
_Mind reading (psychology)
_Foresight (prophecy, defense)
_Management ability
*Partial display.There are at least 30 elements to be trained at work, and 50 to be perfect.
Even if you know them, it's just an audience. Unless you fight match,
the ability difference between fighters and audience is permanent.
Self-scoring= personality improvement, promotion & salary up accelerates.(free!)
Self-scoring= Rectify prisoners themself.(free!)
Bundle-employees= the company (pays!) _Employees grow rapidly.
___ Deputy sermon mail & compare scores between companies=CEO Unnecessary.
Bundle parent & child=(pays!)..Deputy sermon mail =parents Unnecessary.
SNS linked to wwbb .. Text color proportional to the ability of the poster.
Open-score= Politicians, Celebrities, Greats of history. Ability ranking by unifying human history