“Medical data on 10 million corona-positives”Nov.2020 -NATURE-. All politicians cannot resist.

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“Medical data on 10 million Corona-positive people” published in Nature in November 2020. The data was compiled by 19 scientists from the UK, China and Australia who spent six months on the statistics. It is scientific data which the Chief Justice has to say is “more correct” than any politician who is ignorant of medicine.
The main points of this data are ~
(0.0%) of cases were from asymptomatic PCR-positive people. (the CDC’s “50% theory” is a mistake or a lie.)
(8.3%)…Average of common occupations.
(4.3%)…Young people (of school age) are half the workers.
(2.0%)… Teachers who spend time around pupils were less likely to be infected.
(1.3%)… Health care workers who had direct contact with infected people were very unlikely to be infected.
0.7%)…Railway and bus workers who spend all day with crowds were the least likely occupation.
(45.6%)… The people most affected by corona were those who stayed at home and did not interact. 
This data of 10 million people proves the “herd immunity” that we all know and love. Corona is also an infectious disease, so it is not surprising that the results are the same. It is common knowledge in medicine that people’s immunity is boosted by interaction and contact, so it is easy to get sick if you just cut off immunity. It is no wonder that when people were politically forced to stop communicating with each other, many of them contracted coronas. (45.6% at home / 8.6% on average) When immunity is compromised, the incidence is five times higher. This data overwrights the old medical wisdom (by examining 10 million people).
The official page of Nature /PDF of the same data/ NEWS reports.
*There is no such thing as “Corona-Virus”, but rather influenza and the common cold, which are referred to as “coronas” in this page.
~ Causes of corona disease ~
The lockdown, the curfew, the shutting down of people’s homes, was the cause of the corona disease! Herd immunity is such a common medical practice that it can be clearly stated. The proof is in the 10 million people who tested positive for the coronavirus, the test method is the same PCR positive, and the data is from 2020, after the coronavirus outbreak. This is the data that will silence the entire population and all politicians. It is impossible for a judge of any country to deny this data.
“Corona Law”= “Compulsory Illness Law”
If these medically ignorant MPs decide to reverse the Nature data and end people’s immunity, they will be guilty of a crime. They will be obliged to pay compensation to all Corona patients. All those affected after 2020 will be able to claim damages from the MPs because they went against the old medical wisdom and depressed immunity (not only for coronary diseases). The media are equally guilty of reporting common sense and counter-intuition. The new “Corona Law”= “Compulsory Illness Law” from 2020 have to be withdrawn.
~ How to use this page ~
*”Corona Law”= “Compulsory Illness Law” from 2020 can be withdrawn.
*Paste this URL when a politician who is ignorant of medicine speaks against this data.
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*Paste this URL before any politician who is ignorant of medicine proposes a law that goes against this data, so that all patients as well as the whole population can be compensated.
So we can destroy the bad parties who voted in favour of the Corona law.
This is a great opportunity for the people to regain their sovereignty.

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“Medical data on 10 million corona-positives” All MPs. cannot resist

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