BSV…world unified currency and the future world in 2045

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There is almost no recognition in society. Only financial SNS is making a fuss as “No,1 stock in this century”. That is BSV.
This is the first step page for beginners to know BSV. There are no technical terms. This is the near future (change that will occur in the next 10 years), so it is different from now. ~Please stare seriously.~

What is amazing about BSV?

* The entire Internet around the world will be moved into secure BSV.
* Both (IoT) and (AI) are stored in the BSV, in the end, they were only part of BSV functionality
* All documents, videos and audio are recorded in BSV.
* BSV manages data centrally & also manages money centrally(2045).
* The dollar, yen, and euro,etc. will be abolished. BSV will be a unified currency that 7.7 billion people use in common (2030~).
* Since Blockchain is an unmanned technology, brokers and Intermediary companies will disappear.
* Since Blockchain is an unmanned technology, BSV is also responsible for eliminating civil servants, politicians and even governments of each country. ( In fact, the least number of governments utilizing blockchain is now being tested by Estonia in EU. )
* Since Blockchain cannot be tampered with, it is an accurate history that cannot be rewritten by human hands.
* BSV leaves a permanent record of behavior on Blockchain, a powerful deterrent effect on crime, fraud and corruption.
The most amazing effect of Blobckchain is that if record a conversation with smartphone or other device, no one in the world will be able to tell a lie. We will be fine, but the criminals will be in trouble. The politicians and bureaucrats who lie, corrupt, and embezzle will be in trouble.
* Since Blockchain is a permanent history of our life, crimes are drastically reduced. Fraud is impossible forever. Tax evasion is a dead language.
*Distribution history of money will continue to be recorded after our death.
* Partnered with the world’s best SAP for corporate system development (ERP). It also works in conjunction with BSV, and record in BSV not only WEB server but also in-house system.
* Even pocket money that parents gave to their children at home is recorded.

Simply put,
A currency with a record book.  BSV is an Internet currency recorded on the Internet.
Both real stores and online stores are automatically recorded in BSV because shopping around the world is paid by BSV. 
As easy as electronic money. Make a payment in 1 second by contacting your smartphone with anothers smartphone. Demonstration video. 
That means,
The entire Internet will moves into BSV. Of course, Money will also move.
All (Books, receipts, contract documents, trades) will also move.
Further, personal life record, history of behavior before life, (anything and everything)
will be stored in BSV.
HDD disappears from PC (on a global scale).
All data disappears (on a global scale). 
* 7 billion people browse data on Globally-Unified-1-Server=”BSV”.
Such cataclysms will soon be completed by 2030(CashlessWorld)-2045(Completion).

= Summary =
Official name : Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV)
Developer/Operator : TAAL (Canada, listed company)
In-house development team : nChain
Official NEWS : CoinGeek
Inventor of Bitcoin: Dr. Craig Steven Wright (Nominal: Satoshi Nakamoto)
The current Bitcoin has been robbed by American financial organizations, and it has become a mere gambling tool with no function. Since BTC has been misused differently than Dr.Wright ideal, he has been isolated and split since Nov. 15, 2018. He recreated BSV. 
Dr. Wright has both patents and copyrights, so if he says “Don’t call yourself Bitcoin”, the current Bitcoin will disappear tomorrow. 

It’s a tremendous scale, it can’t be called a business, far beyond national projects. A scale that neither Google nor Microsoft will never undertake. The scale is so scary that no one can reach out. The reason why BSV can be done is because the blockchain does not require administrators.
A small number of staff have finished making a “fishery ledger”→ “Agricultural ledger”→ “Retail store ledger”→”Wholesaler ledger”→ “Municipal ledger”→ “Government ledger”. They can be released after completion. After completion, Blockchain is an automatic record that does not require managers. By connecting blockchain and AI, an unmanned company can be created.

Same meaning. Not a joke, unmistakable truth. The government and Prefectural office will soon be unnecessary. In 2045, when the Estonian government (which is currently experimenting only with Blockchain) connected machines and BSV by IoT and became automatic recording, the government estimates that it can manage 100 million people with only 100 civil servants.
The public could not understand because the naming of people in this industry is senseless. Blockchain is Distributed ledger technology.
I named it.  Blockchain is an unmanned technology.

Great Awaking! Clear view, No brain fog.

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BSV and the future world in 2045 (8 languages)
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From a BTC perspective, BSV is only one of 5,000 coins. Many BTC fans around the world say “BSV is bothersome! danger! Get out!”
As expected,there are many slanders & sneers from BTC fans on this page.
I need to introduce myself.
NBB profile”  I am world best political analyst. My other blog is
JCJK (who uncover politics by Crime Profiling Investigation). “
The confidentiality plan behind the politics that I investigated as JCJK and the chronology that was scheduled to proceed are in perfect agreement with the current pace of progress of BSV.

NWO, SDGs, CashlessWorld,,,If you are familiar with politics, ( many pieces of informations that you knew in the past ) would be connected here.
“I finally understand!  This page has solved my mystery!”
I found one out of 7.7 billion people who discovered the “caldera project” that no one could see in the world. From a crime profiler that discovers the future, I’ll give everyone a little more “Hints for the Future World”.
By connecting blockchain and AI, an unmanned company can be created. Same meaning.
“Just adding AI to BSV will complete the world unified government?”
“Who is the first President of the World Unity Government?”
“What did you think was a way to manage 500 million people with 500 people?”
Fans holding BTC that will soon become worthless, thank me, not an attack. Before the media fuss, they should thank me for their sensitive antenna.  
Here is a high-sensitivity-antenna blog. You are lucky to have found this page before the media fuss.
The inventor of BSV is a doctor of law and BSV is in compliance with the laws of 120 countries. BSV can be released immediately. It’s natural that the media makes a big fuss because it’s a global reform.
Despite that, 
the world rulers are in control of the press. They are desperately hiding BSV, but I uncovered it. You are lucky.
You also check 5,000 coins of quality. You will know that there is only one quality 95 point ( in the Bitcoin industry with 4,999 quality 5 or 6 bad items).

BSV made it easy to charge for SNS. Wallet+Mail+(c) nbb@moneybutton.
Reproduction elsewhere is prohibited. Links are welcome. Thank you.
English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, Russian, German, Japanese.

Bank balances around the world will be zero on May 6th.

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I am a former Japanese inventor. I decided the destination of migration, but I am not a universal. It is unwilling to move as a general person. As the *** government's response is slow, balance negotiation or bidding will be acceptable. I will show off some of my inventions in Japan with a few remaining days. There are 90 independent countries not polluted by USA spies. There are 90 rivals in your country.Everyone will clearly notice that "He's one sales, it exceeds our GDP."     元日本人の発明家です。移住先は決まりましたが国賓でなく一般人として移住するのが不本意です。**政府からの回答が遅いので、天秤交渉でも入札制度でも許されるはず。残り少ない日本滞在期間に私の発明の一部を披露します。 米国スパイに汚染されていない独立国は90ヶ国。貴国のライバルは90国あります。「彼一人で、我が国のGDPを超える」と誰もがハッキリと気付くでしょう。「200ヶ国政府の借金を0に出来る、史上最高額の財源を発明」

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