Purpose of government playing Corona-Virus-Comedy

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A virus that does not infect pro-Russian countries.
A virus that infects only pro-American countries was born for the first time in human history.

The purpose of the government doing “childish corona comedy”.
* The purpose is to make an excuse for bankruptcy. (The truth is embezzlement. No one is responsible for the “lie” virus.)
* Because the government will steal the people’s savings just before the bankruptcy,  purpose of not letting the people notice the robbery day.
* 20 pro-US countries are simultaneously bankrupt due to planned bankruptcy.
The goal of the corona play is to eliminate government debt.
* The purpose of forcibly switching to digital currency. that is,
* Because it will move to a world unified government. Soon the governments of 250 countries will disappear.
* The world unified government enslaves the people. Before that, get used to minimal living.
* To reduce the world’s population to 500 million by 2040.
90% of the population will be killed.
* All Japanese are killed = no population. Blasting the caldera and turning it into a nuclear garbage dump in the world.
* The current policy of the ruling party is massacre of the people.
* Because it is a nation that kills everyone, the aim is to steal all property before killing.

That’s all. Only the purpose in a concise list. It is the same content that I explained extensively on other pages, but it is easier for everyone to use a dedicated page, so only the purpose is summarized on one sheet.

If you look at Japanese politics, it’s easy to predict the date of national bankruptcy.
▽It started in 2013. There is no single goal other than bankruptcy. “Central bank buys shares in monetary easing”. 
From 2016, a national ID is an absolute requirement for asset transfers to foreign countries.  Why? This is my savings after tax payment?
▽From 2016, strange word appeared on the application form for a new bank account. “Are you an important person in the government?”  Woo, do you want to see through?
▽Consolidation of national ID numbers with bank accounts, securities, real estate, etc. finishes in 2019.
In 2019, new banknotes to be announced 4 years earlier than before?  To catch us off guard.
▽AML (permanent tracking of names transferred internationally) was also completed in 2019.
In 2019, even the CFT (lateral movement of brokerage firms) was completely covered.
2019.12.31~2020.1.4, all banks were shut down online.
The balance on this day will be the amount goverments plan to steal. Everything is ready. Even if my expected date is off, there is no doubt that they will stole during 2020.”

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Great Awaking! Clear view. No blain fog.

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= Investigate behind Corona Comedy =
The purpose =Excuse for bankruptcy + savings heist + digital currency.
May~ Basicincome“bankruptcy is people’s fault. we’re not embezzling.”
May~ Basicincome “It’s stolen money and it’s BI! It’s my money.”
Two Ways to Defend Your Property in National Collapse (phoenix code)
Crime notice in Economist mag. 31 years ago + Corona comedy + Phoenix coin+ Olympics = Best date for Savings robbery is 7.23(certainly!)
Cheats savings robbery with delight(Olympics).
Cheats savings robbery with fear(virus).
Corona intensification is confirmed=4.28(maybe?)
List of 20 countries that have committed to simultaneous bankruptcy.
(I’m not sure only during this period→) After the savings robbery(4.28?),
a large amount of real virus was sprayed. Confinement until the slaves give up being penniless. A few years? Decades? ←I’m not sure during this period.
2020~2045=Future world after bankruptcy.

2020.4.29_00:01~08:59 (UTC+9)in Japan. That is
2020.4.28_15:01~until ? (UTC)in UK.
2020.4.28_07:01~until ? (UTC-8)in US West Coast.
Maybe 2020.4.28!

Be careful, foreign friends.
English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, Russian, German, Japanese.

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I am a former Japanese inventor. I decided the destination of migration, but I am not a universal. It is unwilling to move as a general person. As the *** government's response is slow, balance negotiation or bidding will be acceptable. I will show off some of my inventions in Japan with a few remaining days. There are 90 independent countries not polluted by USA spies. There are 90 rivals in your country.Everyone will clearly notice that "He's one sales, it exceeds our GDP."     元日本人の発明家です。移住先は決まりましたが国賓でなく一般人として移住するのが不本意です。**政府からの回答が遅いので、天秤交渉でも入札制度でも許されるはず。残り少ない日本滞在期間に私の発明の一部を披露します。 米国スパイに汚染されていない独立国は90ヶ国。貴国のライバルは90国あります。「彼一人で、我が国のGDPを超える」と誰もがハッキリと気付くでしょう。「200ヶ国政府の借金を0に出来る、史上最高額の財源を発明」


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