Let’s end Media-Virus around the world

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The CDC also admitted that “We have not yet confirmed coronavirus.” “We do not have the criteria to determine that someone is infected with the COVID-19 virus.”

<see source four>.
* US Government FDA (Food and Drug Administration) document of July 13, 2020 (note page 39).
* Principia Scientific international reports October 11, 2020.
* Mr.Jon Rappoport, reporter for CBS “Healthwatch” (author of The Matrix) October 27, 2020.

< All are the same from the Beginning.>
This report was published on October 11 and the FDA on July 13, but the Corona was fictitious from the beginning.
1, The “four principles by Koch” that proved the discovery of a new type of virus are “None of the four”, says Prof. Ohashi. *
2, The Chinese paper, which was the only evidence of the COVID-19 coronavirus, was rejected or withdrawn. *
3, From the Beginning, no News. No one in the world has yet isolated (identified). The “coronavirus is unconfirmed” in Wuhan City from December 12, 2019 to the present.

Who are the politicians in your country’s parliament saying “corona” “COVID-19”, etc., when the CDC also admitted that “We do not have the criteria to determine that it is corona”?  This is the one agenda item that should be top of mind, stopping the current Congress.  CDC “Fictitious corona.”
Legal amendments after January 2020 should be abolished.
No need for a second lockdown. France,Germany,Belgium,Spain,UK…

<Important essentials>
The corona fiasco will end when the opposition party in parliament asks only one question. ‘Can you tell me the sequence of the coronavirus?’
The ruling party has no choice but to say “no”. Because it doesn’t exist.
With this one question, the Corona fiasco is over ! 
Let’s paste this tweet to the opposition members.
Or the URL of this page.

Let’s end fake news.
Let’s end Media Virus around the world !

Great awakening! Clear view. No brain fog.

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Medical science is a comedy. No need to explain. There have been 30 terrorist notices from 58 years ago saying that “In 2020, Corona virus will spread from Wuhan City to the world.”  Can you explain?
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English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, Russian, German, Japanese.

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