NBB’s tactics that BTC market can win Facebook(Libra)



Analyze the battle situation before fighting.

  • If Libra is a BSV derivative, it was a US-UK joint, but since Libra is a proprietary technology, it is an external (US ruler) revolt. This is a real fight.
  • BTC market is sure to lose to Facebook(which holds 31% of the world’s population). If it’s an economic scale of Facebook which exceeds national GDP, everyone misinterprets “Phoenix coin in Economist magazine1988 is Libra?”
  • The economist magazine is published in UK. Phoenix is a script by UK (BSV side) .
  • BSV is ultimate quality.
  • Libra collects cash on the outside, so Libra is in a position to exacerbate “the financial market collapse after 2018”. There is no doubt that internal BSV can rescue financial markets.
  • BitcoinSV is Promised-King.

What is their strength?
* FB has 31% of the world population. This only one point is advantageous for FB. .
* Products that the BTC market can win Facebook are BSV and EVX. Other 2,000 types can not be helped.
* Law Doctor Craig’s BSV is already compliant with many national laws (advantage).
* The other 2,000 ALT and Libra are the same. BSV is the ultimate quality (certainly BSV win FB).
* If BSV releases multi-pegg, it’s quality is better than Libra.
* Even now, EVX’s multi-pegg “swap” can win Libra.
Even if national bankruptcy, EVX can protect assets by “multi exchange function within own smartphone app”.
* Above all, libra that share customer data with authorities will be disliked=(1% side).
* EVX who can protect assets will be overwhelmingly supported by 7 billion people=(99% side).

My tactics.
How to win a battle against Facebook(Libra) .

1, Establish one strong system.
2, Cut down 2,000 coins and aggregate funds. Maybe less than 20.
3, Gather only excellent ALTs in @FloatSVcom.
4, Abolish defective BTC and use BSV as a key currency.
5-A, The only SNS in which the BTC market is losing. PR “SNS is BSVsns!” by whole company. Or,
5-B, If Word Press and BSV cooperate, BSV will be able to win FB immediately. The wallet mounted on blog is a threat from the standpoint of WordPress.  If BSV team advises, WordPress will agree on it.
6, PR” Wallet is BSV’s HandCash” by whole company.
7, Negative publicity saying “FB is 1% side”.
8, Dr. Craig does not grant his patent and stops FB.
Now it is a matter of live or death for BTC market.
9, So the BSV team should release 7 billion people for free until you get the only weakness(SNS share). It depends on the PR, but BSV will win with 2 or 3 years of patience. Fortunately, BSV team is huge and has a lot of secondary income.
10, BSV team should get (not only personal wallets) but also corporate wallets. FlaotSV should have an API that will automatically import data to users server when depositing in user own wallet. Not only many shopping sites but many companies will adopt FloatSV as a bank.

11, You (in the middle) correct the words.
“Free open until BSV get SNS share or wallet share”= Revised= “Free open until FB decline”.
That day is one day before FB released Libra.
* After spending huge development costs and huge advertising expenses, you correct the declaration.
* After spending huge development costs and huge advertising expenses, FB’s future income will be $ 0.

*CEO loses his will.  And employees resign a lot.
* 100 companies that have partnered with FB say ” Future profit is $ 0?  return money”.
FB will surely die.
Don’t say now. That day is one day before FB released Libra.
A new business with full body spirit is “I can’t win a rival unless it continues with zero profits.”   The shock when Zuckerberg knew it would be considerable. Facebook will definitely collapse.
That is all for my strategy.

The BSV team should carry out my tactics from today.
Because (1) yesterday Facebook showed their plan,
Just complete strategy today (2) & do the best to win from tomorrow (3) .
From yesterday to today, KO !
Eliminate this match before your opponent comes in.
The enemy is ” just a sandbag ” until next spring to release. The enemy can not put out his feet and hand.

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From NBB.
I am CEO of Real Business and a former fighter.


Great awaking! Clear view.

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Market ruler = BTC.handler = Jewish financial organization.
I tell you from me.
Is 2,000 companies of BTC market completely destroyed against only one company?
It’s a pretty incompetent ruler?
You have a lot of money, but you don’t have enough brain.
I am a CEO and former fighter. I can devise many winning strategies.
The ruler in the BTC market works better if me, not you.  
At last, to BTC media.  



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