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I am former JCJK as Japanese No,1 blogger in 2014~2016.
Here is a business account. I will never talk about politics again in this country where game is over. But AmebaBlog’s  questions was so detailed that it is ideal for self-introduction.

==My Profile ==
As for everyone at the age of 22 I’m employment →
training life → after 3 years entrepreneurship →
Japanese No,1 tax payment amount is 35 years old. → Retirement in 30s.
Now,I am not a president but an owner (so leasure time) .
Our company purchases $ 0. Inventions generated by the head is the company’s income.
This ability targets Neighboring country this time.
I devised several ways to destroy the country.
*If it is useful to society.
*I will write with method of career up that will be useful to everyone.

If I introduce myself in a single word, “versatile Da Vinci”.
No matter what kind of work, the result more than professional.
It will always be a monopoly of sales one company that professional companies go out of business every time.

  • A criminal investigation sharper than the police.
  • More advanced psychology than psychologists.
  • The first look sentence in your life.
    But It’s not a talent. There is a process apart from humanity.
    My training was not like Ichiro grade. equivalent to Mirko grade.

Age?:  566 after death.
Hobbies?:  I finished everything in the 80’s. I have no hobbies. 24h work.
A little bit of bragging?:  I grew up in “Dojo” from early childhood
Whistling?:  Samurai-spirit, Bushido-spirit.
Favorite sports?:  PRIDE, K-1, martial arts.
Favorite male talent?: Bruce Lee& Inoki boomer generation.
Favorite female talent?: Nancy Wilson of HEART “Never” is the most beautiful woman in human history.
Favorite artist?: Stevie Nicks & Kate Bush. Only these two people (all over the world) did work even though they were women.
Favorite music?: The history of music 70 years, special top grade is JOURNEY,ASIA, TOTO
Favorite singer?: If all the rock singers of the past generation are gathered,
The top of the singing ability is Freddie Mercury.
The top of impression is Steve Perry. No one can go beyond these two.
Favorite Word?: real man in men
If only one wish comes true?:  I will never pray. Only ability.
The only thing that can not be surrendered is?:  There is no god, no spirit, just only reality.  No luck, only ability.
Your master of life is?: I learned from Hoshi in Anime”Star of Giants”. Hoshi said” Put on the burden gibbs in private life without a break.”
People to Respect?: Belief  of Yoshitada Yamaguchi. Absolute conditions of Dr.Hideyo Noguchi and Dr.Hawking.
Seeing disabled people eating with chopsticks with their toes,
could you forgive yourself now? I could not forgive myself.
On TV documentaly time, children’s life was divided into two way .

Similar celebrities?: Mirko Crocop as distant twins. Synchronicity.
The thing that is reflected is?:
My childhood that was longed for Bruce Lee’s hard work was quick dust. The most formidable great man in the history of humanity is clearly Mirko Crocop by any means. If you are a generation raised by looking at Mirko, It’s easy to go beyond NBB.

==NBB maxim==
Who did he grow up looking at?  Depending on the model
The life of the child is fixed forever.

==NBB remedy==
So the remedy is to not show their parents to child.
The teacher of the school also disappears from the view of children.
If he is a child raised by seeing only one Mirko,  children will think that
“It is a normal pace”
, “NBB is also just an ordinary person”, and
NBB grades appear one after another.
(Genius development method. by NBB)

Profile is over.
Below are some tips for your success

What is your disease? :
I want to rate anything, I have suffered ranking disease from childhood.
If bring up in martial arts, ranking anything in my head. 24h ranking.
I am MELODY grader, FACE grader, TASTE grader, SEX grader,
Ability grader, Personality grader. (This practice helped my career.)

What is favorite anime? :
There is no likeness (not for men). There is simply quality ranking.
I judge fairly without emotion.
Unless quality ranking is possible, there is no way to make a hit product.
Fair judgment without emotion. Cool ranking. Only quality. Only ability.

It is personal freedom to say that Queen (likes or dislikes).
Even if sales have been the top, I think Queen is little bit out of sense.
The ability to hit the middle of the greatest commons was JOURNEY, ASIA, TOTO on the top, and
I was able to make a hit product,
Because I heard JOURNEY, ASIA, TOTO

== @NeverBornBizman method ==

The key to great success is super easy. I’m just a scorer.
* Fighter’s ability scorer.
* Melody scorer,
* Taste scorer,
* Face scorer,
* Nude scorer,
* SEX scorer. You also score everything.
The most important factor for life’s success is scoring “human ability”.
If human ability scoring is accurate, you can get ahead at high speed.