To foreign friends.
Every time I write a prospective bankruptcy country, I am banned from commenting by WP.
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=Corona Virus Comedy=
The purpose =excuse for bankruptcy + savings heist + digital currency.
May~ Basicincomegbankruptcy is peoplefs fault. wefre not embezzling.
May~ Basicincome gItfs stolen money and itfs BI! Itfs my money.h
Two Ways to Defend Your Property in National Collapse (phoenix code)
Crime notice in Economist mag. 31 years ago + Corona comedy + Phoenix coin+ Olympics = Best date for Savings robbery is 7.23(certainly!)
Cheats savings robbery with delight(Olympics).
Cheats savings robbery with fear(virus).
Corona intensification is confirmed4.28(maybe?)
List of 20 countries that have committed to simultaneous bankruptcy.
(I'm not sure only during this period) After the savings robbery, a large amount of real virus was sprayed.
Confinement until the slaves give up being penniless. A few years? Decades? I'm not sure only during this period.
2020~2045 Future world after bankruptcy.
Foreign friends,be careful!
Maybe 2020.4.28!