Bankruptcy expected countries (forecast from corona acting)

It was pirates in the 16th century who took over the world.
The colonies taken over by the pirates (the world rulers in modern times) are about 120 countries.
There are only about 80 truly independent countries left.
The world is divided into pro-US and pro-Russian countries. Pro-Russian governments are normal. / Pro-American governments are, without exception, crazy.
In 2019, for the first time in human history, a virus has appeared that does not infect independent countries.

~Corona Comedy Government~
The governments of 120 countries plan to play fake corona to reduce their massive debts to zero, then plan to steal the world's bank balances to zero with a planetary fall (EMP weapon in disguised truth). 120 countries will go bankrupt all at once on the same day in the same country.
There are five factors that distinguish the 120 countries (colonies) that will go bankrupt this time.
High number of infections, vaccines, ImmunityPassports, basic income, and strong government.
I have listed them and arranged them in order of danger, and also displayed a level meter.

■■■■■...Japan...Most probable country.(First group)=BI is the most obvious evidence.
FEMA(BANK ban) Restraining travel to the whole world.3.5, The Emergency Declaration Act was established in three days.3.13, Emergency declaration 4.7 ~5.6, , /2021~
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) Consideration of deficit gov bonds3/21、Consider $900/citizen3/20,
FakeInspection(Massacre) actors1K(sleep 31)3.20, 2K()3.25, 17K(0.8K)5.27, 20K()7.3, 25K(1K)7.18, 86K(1.6K)10.5, /2021~

■■■■■...Italy...wants to go bankrupt. Italy&Japan rank 1st and 2nd the world where US spy contamination is severe. So there are many earthquakes.
FEMA(BANK ban) Work ban&assembly ban3.12, Fine for out-of-home3.17, 61K going out ban violations are ordered to appear3.19, Order to stop production in all industries3.22, Fine of Going out $ 3338:3.30, 2nd lockdown in some areas.11.6~4.30, / 2021~ The number of deaths in 2020 was 746,000 (the most since the war). Population down by 84,000.The number of marriages will be 96,000, down -52% from last year.
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) BI=€2,504/person, Bank launches BTC trading service3.20,Bank blockade increases BTC usage3.22
Vaccination Planning a vaccine passport.2.20,
FakeInspection(Massacre) 1665K(58K)12.3, 414K(36K)10.18, 230K(33K)5.26, 217K(32K)5/8, actors41K(sleep3K)3/20, 53K()3.22, 59K(5K)3.22,/ 2303K(79K)1.13,

■■■■■...USA...(First group)=BI is the most obvious evidence.
FEMA(BANK ban) Mandatory negative test results for all entrants.2020.1.26~ Order to close the company for one month3.26, EU entry ban, Supplies ban3.12, Going out ban in Calif3.20, NY bans work3/21, Anti-terrorism law applies to people who intentionally infected corona3.27, 80% of the population is home4.2, The approach distance violation in NY is $ 1,000. 4.7, The number of dead people in newspapers is 2.2 times larger than usual.4.21,
241 people / day died at home in NY City.7.8, Corona checkpoints throughout NY. A fine of $2000 for refusal.8.6, The president was hospitalized for a fake virus.10.3, Arrested for boarding a plane by a couple who are aware of being infected.12.3, In NY, a violation of the vaccine order is fined one million dollars.12.29, A death every 33 seconds.12.19, / 2021~ 3,936 deaths in 24 hours.1.5, Texas Governor: "1,100 members of the National Guard will be involved in the process of identifying, registering and vaccinating individuals for vaccination" 3.1~
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) BI($1,400~$3,400) starts.4.13, Trump"Proposal of $1,200/citizen"3.19, US economic measures total \220trillion(10% of GDP)3.22, Unemployment insurance is 20 times the previous month.3.21, **,
Vaccination Those who refuse the vaccine are fined or imprisoned. Vaccination is in the fall for high school students and next year for elementary school students.3.8,
FakeInspection(Massacre) 21000K(357K)1.5, 15386L(289K)12.9, 2,157deaths/day. 1corona death every 40seconds.11.24, 2135K(116K)6.16, 1622K(97K)5.24, 1000K(58K)4.28, 746K(39K)4.21, 520K(22K)4.11, 270K(7K)4.4, 163K(3K)3.31, ,actors10K(sleep150)3.18, 33K(0.4K)3.22, 25K3.22 ,9 times in one week.3.25, 82K()3.27,The death doubled in three days.4.1,

■■■■■...UK....(First group)=BI is the most obvious evidence.
FEMA(BANK ban) School closure3.15,considering London blockade3.19, Store ban &Assembly ban3.24, 3-week Going out ban3.24, Gold shortage3.29, Foreigners are forced to quarantine for two weeks upon entry. Violators are fined $1,200. Government “Cancel the life of confinement with an infected person tracking app”5.22, Speaking of a joke to the coronavirus, dropped out of school..9.1, Inspect 4 million people daily.8.25, Visiting another household is prohibited.8.4, Meetings of 7 or more people are prohibited.9.12, Fine for wearing no mask in the store. Interaction with other households is prohibited both outdoors and at home. Fined £ 64m.9.30, Violators of corona rules at university are fined or expelled.9.30, PM.Johnson "10 million inspections a day"9.24, Fine £ 10,000 for breach of voluntary segregation.9.20, 2nd Outbound restriction.11.5-12.4, /2021~ HSBC Bank:"Refusal to wear mask will result in forfeiture of bank account"1.14, 10 years imprisonment for immigrants for false declaration.2/8, Government considering twice-weekly Corona testing for all adults.3.25, A bill to imprison anti-vaccine SNS users for two years.11/4,
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) PM"considers BI"3.19, BI=80% of wages3.22, **, UK GDP down 15%~25% QoQ.4.10, The government guarantees 100% of the loan amount for micro enterprises.4/25,
FakeInspection(Massacre) 1674K(60K)12.3, (54K)6.23, 283K(40K)6.6, 279K(50K)6.4, K(47K)5.26, K(38K)5.12, 171K(26K)5.1, (26K)4/29, 124K(16K)4.21, actors2.7K(sleep137)3.20, 6.6K(0.3K)3.23, .Food storage panic3.21,PM acting infected3.27, /2021~ 3164K(83K)1.14

■■■■□...Greece....(First group)
FEMA(BANK ban) "Corona deaths are exaggerated" Greek46% 2020.10.26, 2nd Lockdown,11.7-11.28, /2021~ Police attacked civilian demonstrations against forced vaccines with chemical weapons.9/11
Vaccination Greece = "Vaccine passport"
FakeInspection(Massacre) 0.5K(9) 3.20, 2.8K(0.1K)5.21, /2021~

■■■■□...Austria....(First group)
FEMA(BANK ban) 2nd Lockdown. 11.17~12.7, The military and police inspected and prohibited the movement of citizens./2021~ Even healthy men will be taken to a quarantine facility if PCR is positive.8.18, Block the border of the state with a wall and prohibit traffic. Divide relatives.9.17,
Vaccination Operates a vaccine injection train.10.2, .

■■■■■...Spain...(Second group?)
FEMA(BANK ban) List of people who refused vaccine,shared among EU.12.30, Second city blockade.10.25 ~ 2021.5.31. 2000 soldiers mobilized to track corona infected.8.26, Emergency status extended until4.11.3.23, Close order for all hotels3.19,100people arrested for violating going out ban3.20, Labor other than daily necessities banned for 2 weeks:3.29, Even walks was prohibited(during the corona epidemic).
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) BI starts in July 2020. BI=100% of wages, Gov. considers BI.4.5, 900,000 unemployment in March,
Vaccination Planning a vaccine passport.2.20,
FakeInspection(Massacre) 1675K(46K)12.3, 1160K(35K)10.30, 1000K(35K)10.28, 900K(33K)10.19, 813K(32K)10/5, 704K(31K)9.24, 500K(30K)9.8, 40.5K(28K)8.25, 337K(28K)8.14, 240K(27K)6.3, 235K(28K)5.25, 231K(27K)5.18, 178K(27K)5.12, 230K(24K)4.28,Positive rate after test is 10 times that of other countries3.24, 124K(11K)4.4, 117k(19K)4.3,4000doctors infected3.24, actors28K(sleep1.7K)3.23, 25K()3.22, 20K(1k)3.20.25k(1.3K)3.22, Mrs. Prime Minister becomes infected(comedy)3.15, Spanish princess dies at Corona4.2, / 2021~ 2593K(56K)1.25,

■■■■□...France....(Second group?)
FEMA(BANK ban) 25% of deaths in France are corona deaths, as of 11.16, 523 people died a day. 2918 people in ICU = medical murder with artificial respirator?10/28, Corona judgment by the dog's sense of smell.10.23, Epidemic prevention policy extended to 2021.3.31. Work ban.& Going out ban3.17, Curfew fine is€ 3.70003.23, Corona dead increased by 1438 per day.4.15, Mandatory mask wearing at almost all workplaces.9.1, The death rate for French people will rise by 9% in2020. /2021~ 3rd lockdown from April 3rd for at least one month.
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) BI=100% of wages, Government supports only companies that have stopped paying dividends:3.31, France launches CBDC policy in July.
Vaccination +430 people vaccinated in one week.1.3, A vaccine passport is required at stores, meals, and transportation.Aug. 2021~, Gov't has stopped paying medical workers who refused the vaccine.
FakeInspection(Massacre) actors19K(sleep371)3.20. 98K(14K)4.14, 120K(22K)4.27, 145K(28K)5.25, 309K(30K)8.14,1915K(42K)11.14, /2021~ 4500K(94K)3.20,

■■■■■...China.. will be after the first group, because their own digital-currency (not phoenix) is in late 2020.
FEMA(BANK ban) Fugitives surrendered during mutual surveillance3/21, Wuhan City has a positive rate of 0.3%.3.20, Central Bank of China``CBCD is a top priority ' 4.3, Corona inspection for all citizens.5.12, ~ Wuhan City has become the center of organ transplantation.8/11, Airline crews banned from toilets and wore diapers.12.11, / Hebei locks up 20,000 people in isolation facilities. 1.12,
Vaccination Urgent administration of vaccine started.8.23, /2021~ Proposal to issue vaccine passport.3/3, Vaccination sites have been set up in various countries for Chinese people living abroad.3.6,
Normal:Stock up on oil3.17, actors81K(sleep3k)3.20, 84K(4.6L)7.29, / 87K(4K)1.10,

■■■■□...South Korea....(Second group?)
FEMA(BANK ban) Profit confiscation law against corona fake news.9.13, Fine without wearing a mask.8.24, Arrest or detention by preventive disturbers.8.21, Criminal punishment for posts exposing Corona.8.21, Government tracks participants in anti-corona rally.8.21, Meetings of 10 or more people prohibited. Violator criminal charges.8.21, Fines for violators. Compensation for damage if infected. Various corona violators arrested 92%.10.4, 273 people arrested for spreading false information about Corona.12.25, Mobilizing the military in response to Corona.12.10, Korean local government obliges all foreigners to inspect corona.3.20, / 2021~ Those who violate hospitalization and isolation are fine of $13,000 and imprisoned for 1.5years.3.6,
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) BI=$835/household3.31, BI=$790/p, Full support for economic losses3.20,
FakeInspection(Massacre) 21K(0.3K)9.1, 11K(260)5.15, (16K)4.20, actors86K(sleep194)3.20,

■■■□□...Singapore....(China group?)
FEMA(BANK ban) Corona contactor tracking app, 80% penetration rate.=Police diversion in the investigation.2020.01, Arrested for speaking out against corona vaccine.
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) BI=$2,232,
FakeInspection(Massacre) Recovery rate is 8%4.27, The worst infection rate in Asia.4.22, 17K(16)5.1, 10K()4.22, 9K()4/21, Recovery rate is 8%.

FEMA(BANK ban) Check compliance with home isolation with the face recognition app.11/9, Melbourne continued to lock down for four months.7.28 ~ 10.28.Victoria accounts for 90% of the deaths nationwide. Fine without wearing a mask.8.18, All Victorian vaccinations or city blockades for 12 months.8.24, Corona measures law The police have the power to deprive parents of the custody of their children.8.19, Drones monitor people more than 5 km away from home.8.18, Drones monitor those who don't wear masks.8.17, Arrested without wearing a mask.8.11, During the city blockade, the police entered the house without warrants and inspected it unsolicitedly.8/3Embargo&Entry prohibited3.18,
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) BI=$4,186max, Foods shortage3.22,
Vaccination Squeezing a woman on the street and injecting a vaccine.8.11, The government is considering the following for vaccine refugees "Use of restaurants, overseas travel, and transportation is prohibited. Refuse administrative services. Refuse benefits."8.24,
FakeInspection(Massacre) Business resumed from April 14th. 7K(0.1K)5.18, 6.6K()4.21, 7k~28K4.10, 1k()3.23,

FEMA(BANK ban) Fine without wearing a mask.7.14, Ban more than 5 demos4.1/2022~ Hong Kong Gov't "Manage by wearing an electronic bracelet on the arm of an infected person"7.7,
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) BI=$.1,290/p.
FakeInspection(Massacre) 1K(4)4.27,

FEMA(BANK ban) All states declare emergency3.23, Consider Criminal penalty for refusing isolation3.23, Blocking US border3.18,
/2021~ Ontario: "If you leave your home, you will be fined and imprisoned.1.12, Arrested a pastor who spoke against the Corona policy. The condition for his bail is "do not speak.".2.21, Ontario imposes 24h complete curfew.(The police can enter the private homes of 14 million people without permission.)4.17~ Vaccine mandatory for all members of parliament. Drive out the opposition party.10.22, Reporters who have not been vaccinated are prohibited from entering the House of Representatives. 11.18, NBstate gov't allows grocery stores to refuse food to unvaccinated people.12/13, / 2022~ The government has banned donations in Bitcoin.2.14,
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) BI is 95% of salary.4.14 Employees decreased by one million. 5 million apply for unemployment benefits(Unemployment rate 25%).4.10, Government lends to infrastructure.5.21,
Vaccination Representative of Canadian health authorities: "Citizens who refuse vaccines are not free to walk around outside."12.4,
FakeInspection(Massacre) 317K(11K)11.21, Mrs. Prime Minister leads Corona comedy3.13, 147K(9K)9.24, K(5K)5.12, 21K(0.5K)4.10, 7K(89)4.1, Actors1.4K(sleep20)3.23, 1K3.20, CirqueDuSoleil fires 95% of staff3.20→bankrupt,

■■■■□..Switzerland.....(Second group?)
FEMA(BANK ban) Declaration of emergency. Work ban. Immigration ban.3.17, 2nd lockdown12.15~2.28, /2021~ The Swiss people demand a referendum on the validity of the Corona Quarantine Act, which restricts personal freedom.1.15, 68% of new infections are (fictitious) variant coronas..3.4,
Vaccination Planning a vaccine passport.2.20,
FakeInspection(Massacre) 190K(2K)11.5, 30K(1.6K)5.27, 29K(1.4K)4.29,

■■■■□..Belgium.....(Second group?)
FEMA(BANK ban) Blocked the whole country for18 days.Assembly ban3.18, Highest mortality rate in the world.4.28, 2nd city blockade.11.2-12.13,. 1725 deaths/100,000p (The death rate is the highest)1.10,.Toxic substance in masks distributed by government to all citizens?2.27,
FakeInspection(Massacre) actors1K(sleep10)3.18, Cat infected with corona?3.28, 36K(5K)4.17, World's worst by population ratio.4.17, 59K(9.6K)6.9, 78K(10K)8.21,/ 662K(23K)1.10,

FEMA(BANK ban) 2nd Lockdown 12.31~1.30. EU's first national reblockade. Penalties for travelers over 5km from home.10.22~11.30.
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) BI=Pay 70% of salary for 12 weeks.
Vaccination Planning a vaccine passport.2.20, Vaccination by force.7.24,
FakeInspection(Massacre) 22K(1.4K)5.7, 59K(1.8K)10.28, /2021~

FEMA(BANK ban) Inpatient mortality=BajaCali=49% > Guerrero47%>National average 36%.7.20, Production stopped except for daily necessities:4.4, Declaration of emergency until April 3.30, If the company refuses, the government will forcefully close it.4.15, /2021~ Bill: A fine of $ 1000 and imprisonment for travelers who violate quarantine.2.20,
FakeInspection(Massacre) 606K(65K)9.2, 485K(53K)8.11, 261K(31K)7.7, 238k(29k)7.4, 170K(23K)6.21, 90K(10K)6.1 ,5.8K(0.4K)4.15, 1K(28)3.30, / 2021~ 1760K(149K)1.25, 1932K(162K)2.9, Corona deaths plus excess deaths increased by 1.61 times.3.28~ K(321K)3.28,

■■■■□...Saudi Arabia....(Second group?)
FEMA(BANK ban) Work ban. Block4cities.3.29,
FakeInspection(Massacre) 359K(6K)12.12, 205K(1.8K)7.5, 170K(1K)6.26, 150K(1K)6.19, 127K(0.9K)6.15, 74K(8K)5.27, 131K()4.25, 200K()4.17, actors1K (8) Most in Arab:3.29, .

FEMA(BANK ban) Ban gathering of more than 3 people3.22, Fine without wearing a mask.8.28, Fine for falsehood of approach data with others.10.1, PM Merkel "Corona is a once-in-a-century trial. Obey the rules. Don't go on a trip."10.14, / 2nd Lockdown~early April.12.13, /2021~ A prison is opened to hold segregation offenders.1.16, Government is considering a lockdown for non-vaccinated individuals only.11.17,
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) Government compensates 67% of salary. €750billion in aid with deficit gov bonds(no BI)3.23, Government supports only companies that have stopped paying dividends:3.31, German economy shrank 9.8%.4.9,
Vaccination Corona vaccination is optional.12.12, / 2021~ Vaccines for the elderly in long-term care facilities are provided by doctors with soldiers. Sometimes force.2.15,
FakeInspection(Massacre) 1000K(22K)11.27, 160K(6K)4.30, 91K(1K)4.4, 20K3.22, Merkel comedy"The biggest crisis since WW2"3.19, Isolate PM Merkel, infected with corona3.23

FEMA(BANK ban) 2nd Emergency declared.11.9~ The lowest mortality rate in the EU.4.27,
FakeInspection(Massacre) 23K.(0.9K)4.27, 28K (1K)5.18, 167K(2K)11.7/2021~ 812K(16K)3.11,

■■■□□..Romania...(Second group?)
FEMA(BANK ban) Violation of order is imprisoned3.19,
Vaccination 2021~ The inoculation site was closed because 70% of the people refused.8.20. *, +About 70% refused, so the government completely stopped vaccination.8.31,

FEMA(BANK ban) All free3.22, Ban on assembly extended until, /2021~
FakeInspection(Massacre) actors 2K(sleep74)3.20, 45K(5K)5.27, /2021~ 952K(13K)1.25, 1001K(14K)2.8,

FEMA(BANK ban) 1week going out ban3.19, 3rd lockdown.12.27, /2021~ Breathless monitoring of foreign entrants.3/6,.
Vaccination Vaccinated "Green Passport"(Vaccinated people are free to go, while unvaccinated people live in permanent confinement.) from Jan.2021. Preference given on condition that inoculation data are provided to Pfizer.1.31,
FakeInspection(Massacre) 667(sleep)3.19, 1k()3.23,141K()4.25, 16K(260)5.12, 44K(0.3K)7.17, 350K(3K)12.10, /2021~ 640K(4K)1.31,

FEMA(BANK ban) Restrict access to capital3.12, financial markets ban3/17, Arrested without warning. Violation restrictions are imprisoned for two months or fined between $180 and $18,000. Philippines. School resumes for the first time in 7 months. Face-to-face lessons are prohibited.10.5, / 2021~ Curfew order for people under 18 and over 65 in Manila.3.17-3.30. President Duterte "Imprison if not vaccinated"6.22,
Vaccination President "Do not resume school until vaccine is completed"6.8, /2021~ Vaccine passport.1.15,
FakeInspection(Massacre) 4K()4.20,70K(1.8K)7.24, 348K(6K)10.15,

FEMA(BANK ban) Normal:Request stay home3.22, City blockade extended to 4.28, Border blockade3.25, .Is acting not for bankruptcy, but for raising approval ratings?10.24, / 2021~ Massive vaccination drive launched.17.1.2021~ Corona medical robot in infection prevention.1.19, Training of corona detection dogs.2.15, India continued its national lockdown for a year.3.22,
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) Cryptocurrency baned country.
Vaccination PM"Providing vaccines to all citizens"10.20, Increased fines for not wearing masks.12.01, / 2021~Countries to which India will provide free vaccines.=Bhutan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and Seychelles Islands. Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Mauritius. Pakistan is not included. 1.21, The Indian PM himself gave the corona vaccine to entice the public.3.1,
FakeInspection(Massacre) infection42()3.18, 40K(1.3K)5.3, 86K()5.16, Fatality rate 0.05%.7.29, 425K(14K)6.22, 354K(11K)6.17, 1003K(25K)7.17, 3600K(64K)9.1,6000K(100K)9.28, 4023K(69K)9.5, 7600K (115K)10.20, / 2021~ 11000K(156K)2.25, 11650K(159K)3.22, 1230K(163K)4.2, 14100K(173K)4.15,

■■■■□...Indonesia...After corona, dictatorship.5.12
FEMA(BANK ban) Behavior restriction until4.25, An order to prohibit all people from going home. Penalties for offenders.4.22, /2021~ 100 health care workers die each month.1.26,
Vaccination Jakarta Ordinance = Fine for refusing vaccines for infected people.10.20, /2021~ Vaccination started by President Joko on 1.13, Jakarta fines $ 351 for vaccine refusals.2.17,
FakeNews(Infected actor) Most in Southeast Asia.4.17, 4K(0.3K)4.13, 6K(0.4K)4.17, 14K(1K)5.12, 11K(0.8K)5.4, 100K(5K)7.27, 287K(17K)9.30, 349K(12K)10.15, 303K(11K)10.4, 557K(17K)12.3 /2021~ 818K(23K)1.10, 1000K (28K)1.26,
FEMA(BANK ban) $3,450 fine for anyone who stepped out into the hallway for 8 seconds during the corona quarantine. Press does not criticize.12.7, Taiwan "Aiming for the true realization of the United Nations SDGs."9.24, Police search for close contact.12.22, /2021~ Infected persons must be separated from their families and not allowed to live in the same residence.3.1
Normal 0.4K(6)5.7, 0.4K(6)4.26,

FEMA(BANK ban) (+).KhanPM"I don't block cities"3.23,/ 2021~ A law to stop SIM if vaccine is refused in Punjab from July 1st.
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) Cryptocurrency baned country
Vaccine 2021~ (+)Pakistani gov'tt declares, "We will end Corona without buying vaccines.3.5, PM infects Corona.3.20,
FakeNews(Infected actor) 24K(0.5K)5.7, 295K(6K)9.4, 95% of positives are asymptomatic. /2021~ 623K(13K)3.21,

■■■■■...Tajikistan...No one was infected.4.12, /2021~ Mandatory vaccination for all people.7.6.
■■■■■...Turkmenistan...No one was infected.5.11 /2021~ Mandatory vaccination for all citizens.2021.07~
■■■□□...Turkey...Imported vaccines for the whole country.12/3, Gov "Asymptomatic will not be announced"10.1, Order to prohibit going out from April 11 to April 12. 65years of age or older never go out3.21, 1K(sleep21)3.21, 3.6K(75)3.27, 47K()4.11,101K()4.25, 82K(1.9K)4.18, /2021~ 3013K(30K)3.21,
■■■■□...Luxembourg...Corona inspection conducted for all citizens and all foreigners. 4K(0.1K)5.21,
■■■■□...Poland...Make the national stadium a temporary hospital(FEMAcamp).10.19, 26K(1K)6/8,
■■■□□...Denmark...BI=75% of wage, Those who refuse the PCR test will be fined and imprisoned.3.17, PM'infected people from mink' Killed 17 million mink.11/6, /2021~ Denmark ="Vaccine passport"
■■■■□...San Marino...Vaccine certification by NFT.2021July ~,
■■■□□...Estonia..."Vaccine passport"2.20,.
■■■□□...Ukraine...President is corona positive.11.10,
■■■■□...Slovakia....The world's first corona antigen test for all citizens.10.31, PM "PCR for everyone over 10 years old"10.18, 297K(2K)10.28, 28K(0.08K)10.18, 1K (26) 5.8, The smallest in the EU. No city blockade. Defeat Corona5.15, /2021~ Non-vaccinated people are not employed.1.18
■■■□□...UAE...Ban all airlines3.24, 50K(0.3K)7.5, 30K(0.2K)5.25, 8K()4.25, 0.1K(2)3.23, Gov.provides remote access to government services with Blockchain for citizens::3.29, /2022~ UAE bans uninjected individuals from leaving the country.1.10~,
■■■□□...Egypt... Bank limits withdrawal:3.30, .5million unemployment:4.1, 5K people were arrested for violating the city blockade.6.2, 127K(7K)12.26, 16K(0.7K)5.24, 19K() 5.15, /2021~ Start of corona vaccination.1.25~. 160K(9K)1.25, For those staying in Egypt, there were 17 PCR tests in 23 days.3/14,
■■■■□...Chile...Corona-sniffing dogs at Chilean International Airport.12.25, Extend catastrophe declaration for 90 days.6.18, Lockdown again 5.15, Immune passport holders exclude behavior restrictions.4.21, 180K(3K)6.18, 100K (1K)6.1, 34K()5.15, 20K()5.4, 10K(139)4.21,
■■□□□...Monaco...Although there are only 6 people in the country, head of state:3.19,
■■■□□...Malaysia.....1K(10)3.23 36(0)4.22, 5.7K(98)4.26, 55(0)5.4, 16K (0.1K)10.13, Law obligatory Corona Tracking App.8.5, Government orders telecommuting.. 56K(0.3K)11/22, Arrest violators staying at home.8.14, /2021~ State of emergency declared for entire country.1.13~8.1. 3 years in jail for posting exposing Corona.3.12~
■■□□...Ecuador...23K(0.6K)4.29, K.(4K)5.16, The pressure of wearing a mask.
■■□□...Paragai...2021~ 169K(3K)3.8,
■■■■...Vatican city...Mandatory vaccination for all citizens.2021.07~,
□□□□...Somalia...The official dead number is 100,but 2,000 graves.7,29, All died of mechanical ventilation.7,29,
■■■■□...Ethiopia...Lockdown Apr.~Sep.. Violations of corona regulations are fines and imprisonment for up to two years.10.22, 91K(1K)10.22, .23()4.1,
■■■■□...Tunisia...Tunisia gov't has banned curfew and all demonstrations as a measure against corona.2022.1.15,
■■□□□...South Africa...900K(20K)12.18, 311K(4.4K)7.15. .21K(0.4K)5.23, 18K(0.3K)5.22, 1k()3.29, Cryptocurrency can be purchased directly from all domestic bank accounts.3.27, BSV payment store in half of the land.(**)/2021~ Approximately 60% of the population will be vaccinated.1.7, Minister of the Presidency dies in Corona.1.22, /2022~ When the South African government announced its intention to stop Corona's performance, fires broke out in parliament.1.4,
■■■■□...Colombia...Extend the 2nd lockdown.11.25, 1270K(36K)11.25, Gov."No blockade the city again. Self-responsibility."9.1 .1000K(30K)10.25, 200K(7K)7.21, 0.2K.(3)3.23,
■■■■□...Peru...915 women are missing during the outing restriction period.70% are minors.7.29 .Land,sea & air borders closed3.23, 292K(14K)7.3, 203K(5.7K)6.10, 164K (4K)6.1, 104K(3K)5.20, 51K(1K)5.6, 0.3K(2)3.23, /2021~ 1107K(40K)1.26, Lockdown1.26~2.14, Vaccine against women by force.12/10, /2022~ Peru will not be able to vote in the election unless it has been vaccinated three times since 2022. The military or police remove uninoculated persons from the polling place.
Polynesia. Arrested doctor treated with non-vaccine.2021.9.21
Algeria...6K ()5.15,
Ghana...5K()5.15, 7K(0.5K)5.23,
Tonga...Locked down because of only two infected people.2022.2.2~


Safety ranking after COVID-19.

FEMA(BANK ban) No city blockade. President "Corona is a play aimed at NWO".
Vaccine 2021~ President Lukashenko"I strongly oppose vaccination. Vaccines are voluntary."8.13,
Normal EU and US "Do not recognize Lukashenko as a legitimate president of Belarus"=means justice.9.23, 20K(0.1K)5.10, Infection rate:129p/ 10million.
FEMA(BANK ban) No city blockade5.19,No countermeasures.7.27, /2021~ No corona measures are taken.2020~2021.1,
Vaccine President"Vaccines for corona are dangerous"1.20,
Normal 0.5K()5.19,

FEMA(BANK ban) No city blockade. /2021~
Vaccine Cure corona with crude drugs instead of drugs.5.20, /2021~ (+)President Rajoelina of Madagascar "I drink mugwort. I'm not going to vaccinate."3.22,
Normal 0.1K(1)5.18, /2021~

FEMA(BANK ban) 2021~
Vaccine 2021~ (+)Vaccination rate 0%.11.12,
Normal 2021~5(0)11.12,
FEMA(BANK ban) No city blockade. 2021~ Consistently no anti-corona measures.2.26,
Normal 0.1K(0)5.10, Infection rate:0.7p/ 10million.
FEMA(BANK ban) Deferring interest rates2.20, Without city blockade4.2, Swedish method without city blockade. No blockades or restrictions.4.12, xCorona inspection of sewers.10.29, Even in the second wave, no blockade.The people are obeying the rules.10.27, .xSwedish PM voluntarily quarantines.11.6, / 2021~ Law forcing business to close.2021.1~ Arresting a protest demonstration.3.22, x, x,
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) None.
Vaccine Vaccine electronic certificate is planned.2.3,
Normal Normal, 4K(180)4.2, 7K(477)4.7, 14K(1.5K)4.22, Infection rate:194p/ 10million. 99% ICU occupancy.12.10, 367K(7K)12.18, /2021~ 10K(518K)1.15,
Sweden closed high school and above. Except for junior high school and below, as usual. Looking at the response of each government, only this one country is the correct answer. The country is correct from both the back and the table. Sweden hasn't participated in the stupid corona play, but they seem to know the background.

■■□□...NewZealand...#1 in the country with the cleanest politics. NZ believes seriously without knowing the comedy. Serious people.
FEMA(BANK ban) Outdoor self-restraint request3.23, Declare national emergency3.25,Corona infection tracking app, until the end of infection.5.21, The cause of sudden change to powerful politics is brainwashing.→ Forced quarantine also applies to relatives.8.14, NZ Prime Minister"Infected people were quarantined in forced camps. Those who refused the inspection were forced to quarantine for 14 days"8.18, / 2021~ Locked down by 3 infected people.2.14, 3rd lockdown in Auckland with one infected person.2.27~3.5, Lock down the whole country by one infected person.8.20, Off-video of the NZ PM, who only allows questions as planned.11.2,
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) $4,148-MAX, Unemployment rate could reach 26%.4.14,
Vaccine 2021~ NZ gov't "Vaccination is compulsory for employment."4.10, NZ gov't"Plan to Hunt down the Unvaccinated"Jul.10,
Normal Economic Strategy & Airline Relief3.19,No one was infected3.14, 0.2K()3.25, 1K()5.11,
■■■■■...Costa Rica...
FEMA(BANK ban) The government is quick. Defeat Corona in a month.
Normal 81K(1K)10.6, 0.8K(7)5.12, 0.7K(6)5.2,
FEMA(BANK ban) PM "People's human rights are prioritized, not a police state". Infection rate0.0002%, case fatality rate0.02%.7.4, .
Normal .0.9k(28)7.4,
FEMA(BANK ban) *. No city blockade...First city blockade10.22-11.3. / 2021~ It is mandatory to wear a double mask in public places.2.20, PM Babiš tightens corona restrictions.3.3,
Normal 8K(0.2K)5.7, / 2021~ 1300K(21K)3.7,
■■■■■...Nigeria....Nigerians have the highest political consciousness in the world..
FEMA(BANK ban) "Corona deaths are exaggerated"Nigerian 60%.10.26, Blockade of the capital4.2, /2021~ Lockdown makes poverty. Those who do not have a Xax Pass are prohibited from depositing money in their account.12.20,
Normal 80K()12.25, 7K(0.2K)5.24, 7K(0.2K)5.23
FEMA(BANK ban) Prime Minister is positive for corona.12/2, / 2021~ The same daily life as before Corona.8.23, +President:Z.Milanovic "50% vaccination rate is enough. Vaccinators shouldn't complain because they are protected. COVID-19 can't be eradicated. Media exaggerates There are risks in life. There are many other illnesses besides Corona."9.23,
Normal 0.2K(1).3.23,

FEMA(BANK ban) Defeat Corona. Economic growth.6.16, Fines for non-masking raised to 10 times.11.15~ /2021~ Dispatched troops for lockdown.8.20, Wear a plastic bag when boarding the bus.8.24, President Milanbitch"I blame the Austrian government for discriminating against unvaccinated people."11.17, Vietnamese police invaded their home and forced PCR inspection. 12/10,
Vaccine 2021~ Requested assistance from other countries for vaccine procurement.4.1,
Normal .0.1k(0)3.23, .0.2K(0)4.15, Segregated at a state-owned facility(75K).4.20, 0.2K(0)5.19, .0.2K(0)5.2, 0.3K(0)6.16, An infected person was found for the first time in about 3 months.12.1, 1K(35)12.3, 15th consecutive day of no cases.12/17, / 2021~ 1K(35)2.3, (+)Normal life.2021.1~ 2K(35)4.2,
FEMA(BANK ban) Inoculators of "Sputnik V"=9K.10.31, 91members of the House of Representatives were infected.10.29, The second wave is serious, but Putin "refrains from economic restrictions"10.24, xRussia starts vaccination in October.8.3, Population decline of 510,000 in 2020. / 2021~ In a speech at WEF Davos on Jan.28, 2021,Putin affirmed Covid hoaxes, climate change hoaxes, and vaccination. (+)Sergei Lavrov Russian Foreign Minister "We categorically reject forced vaccine passports"3.2, Major company launches facial recognition payments at grocery and convenience stores.3.12, 60% vaccination required for restaurant employees in Moscow.6.10, Second lockdown in Moscow.Those who do't wear a mask are fine from 10.28~11.7. Arrested a famous swimming coach for not wearing a mask.11.23, Russians protesting the introduction of vaxpass.12.13,
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) Cryptocurrency baned country.
Vaccine 73% of public opinion rejects vaccines.10.30, (+)Free vaccine for anxious applicants.12.7, Only 15,000 people were vaccinated in the first two weeks.12.21, Corona vaccine for animals.12.31 / 2021~ Sakhalin Oblast"Vaccinated people receive badges exempting them from masks"1.17, (x)President Putin vaccinated.3/23, (x)Approved vaccination for animals.4.1, President "Vaccine coercion and dismissal of vaccine denials are prohibited" 8.26,
Normal Normal:Only chronic illness and the elderly are at home. Punishment for lying and Isolation refused.4.2, Four ministers were infected.5.15, AFP"3000K(186K)"12.29, Real numbers that differ from John Hobkins University's exaggerations.=Russian gov't statistics. (4.5K)12.11, 1237K(21K)10.6, 400K(4K)6.2, 225K(2.3K)5.15, 232K(2K)5.12,177K(1.6K)5.7, 106K(0.1K)4.30, 483()3.23, 1K(7)3.27, .42K(0.3K)4.20, /2021~ The same daily life as before Corona.8.23,

FEMA(BANK ban) Mandatory PCR testing for all entrants.12.22, "Corona deaths are exaggerated"Brazilian 34%,2020.10.26, One-third of Brazilian ministers were infected with corona.8.5, Over 100 people infected in Cheong Wa Dae.7.12, Domestic spies spray corona to resign Pres.Bolsonaro. President Bolsonaro"Virus is a fabrication of the media"3.31, Pres."Economic activity regulation is a crime"3.27, Pres."Regulation is overkill"3.24, Closed Sao Paulo3.20,
Vaccine (+)President "Do Not Force Vaccine"9.1, / 2021~ (+)Ban on import of unreliable Western vaccines.1.10, President Bolsonaro "I will not encourage or mandate unless Pfizer takes responsibility for side effects."9.11 +NY Mayor's Office "Participants at the UN General Assembly must show a vaccination certificate." President Bolsonaro"I will refuse the vaccine and participate in the UN General Assembly"9.17, +"Vaccine Passport and Vaccine Mandatory Opposition" by President in UN Speech.9.22 /2022~ President Borsonaro opposes masks and lockdowns, and vaccination is voluntary.5.25,
Normal 1(0)=First in South America3.26, 60K(4K)4.27, 177K(12K)5.13, 156K(16K)5.9, 101K(7K)5.3, 338K(21K)5.23, 277K(18K)5.20, 1800K(70K)7.12, 828K(41K)6.13, 514K(30K)6.1, 6071K(169K)11/22. 3908K(121K)9.1, 7213K(186K)12.19, 7000K(180K)12.16, /2021~ 9204K(224K)2.2, 9283K(226K)2.2, 10600K(257K).3.3, 11122K(268K)3.9, 1,972 coronary deaths per day.3.9, 11693K(284K)3.17,
■■■□□...Iran...The only anti-US Iran is misunderstood. Maybe US military sprays.
FEMA(BANK ban) Masks are compulsory in Tehran from July.
BasicIncome(slave,CBDC) Iran is a cryptocurrency baned country
Vaccine 2021~ Demonstration against mandatory vaccines.11.4,
Normal 475K(27K)10.5, 215K(10K)6.25,97K(6K)5.3, 101K()4.25, 1.8K(dead1.2K)3.20, 20K3.22, 55K(3K)4.4,

■■■■■...Venezuela....BBC, "Cuba and Venezuela's response is excellent. We could not confirm the infection."11.22,"Fight the US invasion thoroughly!" Country's own cryptocurrency. / 2021~ No lockdown.2.18, 148K(1K)3.7,
■■■■■...Cuba...Cryptocurrency baned country. Infected:1(0).3.22, Most schools have been closed since Mar.2020. 2.2K(84)=mortality rate3.79%.Defeat Corona.6.12, BBC, "Cuba and Venezuela's response is excellent. We could not confirm the infection."11.22, +WHO unapproved Cuban domestic vaccine. /2021~ Started corona vaccination for people over 2 years old for the first time in the world.9.6, /2022~ Anti-gov't demonstrations on hunger. The gov't cuts off the internet.7/15
■■■■■...Libya...No one was infected.3.11 Cryptocurrency baned country,
■■■□□...El Salvador 2021~ El Salvador ended the CoronaActing because it was released from debt from IMF in the interests of BTC.12.3, /2022~ President Bukele has not taken measures against corona.
■■■■□...Finland...3.8K(94)4.22, 45infec/100,000population.11.5, "Corona sniffing dog" at the airport.9.24, Meetings prohibited, school closed. Thorough crisis management capabilities(unlike a stupid government). / 2021~ 590 people infected, so lockdown3.8~3.28, 73K(0.8K)3.24,
■■■■□...Norway...9K(0.2K)7.25, .8K(0.2K)8.20, 7K(0.1K)4.22, 2K()3.23, City blockade. Business ban.3.15~. /2021~ Norwegian gov't:"33 deaths after vaccination. No proven causal link" 1.19, /2022~ Norwegian Gov't Launches Monitoring System to Track Private Citizens' Food Purchases.2022.6.8~,
■■■□□...Iceland...1.8K(10)5.4, Inspect all people.
■■■■■...Montenegro...Ends fastest in the EU. 5.27, 0.3K(9)5.27,
■■■■■...Bosnia-Herzegovina...(+)Almost zero vaccine purchases.2021.3.22,
■■■■■...Syria...No one was infected.3.11, 15(0)3.23, 3K(0.1K)9.13, 0.1K(4)5.20, 0.04K(3)5.4,,Cryptocurrency baned country. /2021~ 45K(2K)3.8,
■■■■■...Yemen...No one was infected.4.10, 1(1)4.30,
■■■■□...Jordan...Even with 0 infected people, curfew is prohibited.3.21~ No one was infected.5.1, /2021~ 470K(5K)3.13,
■■■□□...Lebanon...Lockdown(No going out at all)1.14~1/25, 7K(0.08K)8.12, 9K(0.1K)8.18 / 219K(1K)1.12,

■■■■□...Morocco...Cryptocurrency baned country.
■■■■□...Qatar..Qatar, Fine without wearing a mask.5.15,.90K(0.1K)6.26, 7K()4.25, 30K(15)5.17, No mask is worn for 3 years.
■■■■■...Laos...1(0)3.26, 19(0)5.15 /2021~ 0(0)3.29, Pandemic from April 2 when vaccination started.
■■■■■...Brunei... 0.1K (3)6.26, 0.1K (1) 5.22 ,
■■■□□...Myanmar.Violators of corona rules are sentenced to one year in prison.9.4,.Temporary event postponement order3.19. 116K(2K)12.15, 85K(1K)11.23, 262(6)6.16, Cryptocurrency ban country./2021~ IMF to provide additional $350 million in aid to Myanmar.1.19,
■■■■■...Zimbabwe...No one 3.18...BTC baned county. Normal:Border blockade &Ban on gathering more than 50 people3.23, Entry prohibited:4.1, /2021~ 28K(0.8K)1.20, Three ministers die in Corona.1.20, Senior official: "Four ministers died of coronas, assassinated by doctors"1.25, 32K(1K)1.24,
■■■■■...Palestine..Cryptocurrency baned country, .0(0)3.23, /2021~ 160K (1.8K)1.31, /2021~ 50K(0.5K)2.18, Arrival of 2000 corona vaccines from Israel.2.18,
■■■■□...Bolivia..Cryptocurrency baned country..Nomal:Van going out at night3.23 The president is infected.7.10, 400 corpses on the streets and houses. 85% corona infection.7.25, 40K(1K)7.7, 21K(0.6K)6.19,
■■■■■...Nicaragua...No measures4.12, (0.1K)7.29, .16(0)5.5, 7(0)4.12,
■■■■■...Burundi... Order to leave WHO.5.15,
■■■■■...Nepal...Order to prohibit going out:3.31, 0.2K(1)5.17, /2021~ No corona measures.2.14,
■■■■■...Sri Lanka...Order to prohibit going out:3.31, 0.2K(0)4.12, /2021~ The SriLankan gov't, which has issued a "state of emergency due to food shortages," is free to seize food from the people. Started robbing food by the military.9/6.
■■■■■...Seychelles Islands...Vaccinated travellers exempt from quarantine.1.22, Vaccination of all citizens is the goal.1.22,
■■■■■...Kyrgyzstan...Confirmed the first infected person.3.18, /2021~ ,
■■■■■...Kazakhstan...75K(0.5K)7.22, 55K(0.2K)7.10, .47K(0.1K)7.6, 0.9K()5.30,
■■■■□...Afghanistan...24K(0.4K)6.15, 19K(0.3K)6.7, 1(0)3.25, 1K(33)4.20, 156K(16K)5.9, People who ignored the blockade worked. The pressure of wearing a mask./2021~ The Taliban invaded and the president went into exile.8.15
■■■■■...Mongolia...Permanently block cities until vaccine is discovered 5.25, First homegrown person to be infected.11.9, 0(1)11.9, 0.1K(0)5.26, 41(0)5.7,
■■■■■...Bhutan...0(0)No infection except for foreigners who entered the country.5.25, 0.2K(0)9.1, Gov. protects the elderly. Lockdown12.23~12.30, .0.6K(0)12.9, /2021~ 0.7K(1) The first death1.9, Bhutan gov't"Vaccines made in India to be taken by all citizens in one week."1.21, Vaccination rate among adults 85%, the highest in the world.4.7, 0.8K(1)4.7, Bhutan and XRP experiment with CBDC.9.22,
■■■□□...North Korea...0(0)3.23, 0.7K(?)7.29, .390K(0.5K)7.10, Cryptocurrency baned country. "Corona lazy crime" newly established.11.3, Lockdown, no school attendance. No movement, no gathering of more than five people.2020.12~ /2021~ .The border has been closed since January 2020. April 1, 2021. 0(0)4.1, /2021~Vaccination rate 0%.11.12, /2022~170k(21)5.13, 2460k(66)5.20, Corona vaccination rate 0%.7.18,
■■■□□...TaiLand...No limit3.23, Going out ban &movement restrictions3.26, 4331p for12.19AM, 4879p for12.19PM. 0.6K()3.23, 3K(56)5.12, Child abuse.8.11, /2021~Thai PM Considers Vaccine Passport.3/3,
■■■■□...Armenia. .9.4K(0.1K)6.1, PrimeMinister Corona Infection6.1,
■■■■□...Albania...Even though the vaccination rate is 10%, there is no mask.2021.6~^ ,
■■■■□...Kosovo. 8.8K(0.2K)8.3, Prime minister infected.8.2,
■■□□□...Hungary... "Corona deaths are exaggerated"Hungarian 36%2020.10.26, After vaccination, the number of deaths increased by 1.4 times, ranking first in the world in mortality.3.25,
■■■■■...Argentina...xICU occupancy is 64.4%.The average death toll in 7 days is 376=5th in the world.10.29, Normal:City blockade4.10, 350K(7K)8.25, 70k(1k)7.4, 11K(0.4K)5.25, 2K(82)4.10, 0.1K3.20 /2021~ 1900K(47K)1.30, Those who do not have a Xax Pass are prohibited from depositing money in their account.12.20,
■■■■□...Congo...1(0)3.25, Inoculation rate 0.3%. Vaccine transferred to another country.2.20
■■■■□...Kenya...8K(0.1K)7.6, ,
■■■■□...Sierra Leone...1()4.1
■■■■□...Macau...2021~/ 0 new corona infections for 365 consecutive days. A total of 48 infected people and 0 dead.3.20, 0.3K(0)3.20,
■■■■□...South Africa..Failure to wear a mask is punishable by imprisonment.No going out between 9:00 and 18:00.12.29, "Corona deaths are exaggerated" SouthAfrican45%.2020.10.26,.No going out at midnight3.25, 1010K(27K)12.29, 700K(K)Most in Africa.10.22, 0.4K()3.25, 12K()5.15,

No one was infected.4.12 = Kiribati, CookIslands, Samoa, SolomonIslands, Tuvalu, Tonga, Nauru, Niue, Vanuatu, Palau, Marshall Islands(0)10.28, Micronesia, Comoros,
No one was infected.8.25 =Palau, Micronesia, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Samoa, Vanuatu, Tonga. Turkmenistan.
No city blockade...Gambia, Chad, Mozambique.

(( Last updated: 2020.12.07 ))
BI is the most obvious evidence.
The vaccine is also proof that a colony of ruler.
To foreign friends. If you have BI news in your country, please give me the URL. I'll reflect on this page. @NeverBornBizman

=Ruler's puppet=
Organization names that everyone should not believe forever.

IOC (International Olympic Committee)...
United Nations...
WHO (World Health Organization)..."One-third of the world's population may become infected (bankrupt)"
Harvard University"By next year, 70% of the world's population will be infected (bankrupt)"
ILO (International Labor Organization)..."Up to about 25 million jobs will be lost worldwide"3.18
WTO...Cancel World Conference 3.11
Japan Economic Newspaper...World infected people "comedy"map.

Be careful everyone!

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