Crypto industry and The 99% party alliance

To everyone in the Blockchain industry.
The 99 party are planning to issue about 200 coin brands by country. For example, 99ppUSA, 99ppDEU, 99ppIND, 99ppGBR, 99ppFRA, 99ppRUS,etc. We plan to issue 200 stocks, but we want the system to be the same one. So we are looking for a foundation (or exchange) that welcomes our carpooling with existing stocks. The conditions are as follows.
* High performance and can be used for payment. For example, high performance with PoS (SOL, AVAX, ATOM, etc.). High performance with PoW (KDA, BSV, etc.).
* CRO and EVEREX, which are compatible with each country’s currency and can already be used for payment, are also interesting.
* MINA is interesting because it is consistent with the 99% party concept (citizen side) because individuals can participate.
* The wallet app is not limited to one of our partner’s brand, but it is an absolute requirement to support StableCoin. BTC and ETH are also desirable (4 types are the best).
* Our hope is only a wallet and exchange function(crypto and StableCoin). No monetization required. Monetization will be done at the exchange office.

We will also contribute to exchange office. The chart of 200 kinds of coin brands by country will go up and down depending on the activity of the party in each country. Even in poor countries, they can easily fund a 99% party. The people can take control of politics. The 99% parties in each country will abolish bad laws and only good laws can be made. This is a practical project that can contribute to society. This is a “DAO party” by Blockchain. Don’t worry about being interfered by the government because The99% party is DAO as with BTC.
The detailed page is here. “What is The 99% party

Citizens of each country (whether they have or don’t have crypto) will vote for or against their own legislation with this wallet app, so the wallet’s share will be the highest in the world. Subsequent payments will be limited to 99% parties and politicians, but no one will doubt that they are promised to be the world’s number one wallet app in terms of penetration.
We will prosper together if we can partner with existing “high-performance brands”. Please examine it by all means. Please contact me via Twitter email(I will keep it private).
Thank you for your consideration.

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