Alart! World’s savings forfeiture will be Aug. 8th 2021

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Many governments are on the verge of bankruptcy after spending huge amounts of money to fight corona. If your government goes bankrupt, your savings will also be confiscated.
The colonies of world rulers are about 120 countries. There are only 80 truly independent countries. I have found the date when the governments of 120 countries will simultaneously steal our savings. It will be August 8th(Sunday) in 2021. Everyone please be careful.

The gist of this article.–
The Great Reset Conference is on August 17, so the best day to confiscate our savings is August 8th(Sunday). It’s the day of the closing ceremony of Tokyo Olympics too. The global blackout will last from Aug. 8 to Aug. 17.

The next best day has a probability of less than 5%. Since the purpose is to confiscate our savings and reset the world, it is pointless after the Great Reset Conference. Before Aug. 17, there are during the Olympics. So the earliest bank holiday we can find before the Olympics start is July 19(Sun). Since it’s winter in the southern hemisphere, long power outages and deaths are a big problem.If the world rulers confiscates our savings on July 19(Sun), they will need a 30-day long blackout until the Aug.17 Conference. If their savings confiscation is on Aug.8(Sun), the power outage can be met in only 9 days. If their bank robbery was an isolated day, I would have a hard time predicting it, but since it was absolutely necessary to match the bank robbery with a global power outage, the date was easily discovered. Lies are self-destructive.
Start Time of Power Outage.
The time when the major power outage will start on Aug.8th(Sun), due to the acting of the damage caused by the FAKE solar flare, will be around 8:00(UTC). Around 17:00(JST), after the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, is just convenient for the culprit because it is also 8:00(UTC) in the morning in the UK. Round the world. They will notice the blackout from the countries that woke up.


On Aug.8 (Sun) they will start blacking out with solar flares (acting). Then they will absolutely need a NASA alert in advance. They definitely don’t want 7.7 billion people to riot when they find out their savings balance is zero after the power is restored. So before the solar flare, NASA will say “A huge solar flare is going to reach Earth in * days later. Everyone, beware of electronic data loss.” It is the same as the recent fall of a Chinese rocket. The alert before the solar flare and power outage on Aug.8 will be broadcast on TV starting Aug. 4. We will realize the countdown to the day of the theft by NASA’s preemptive warning.

Convince of Aug.8th by omen phenomena.
↓ Paying for smartphone apps in one’s own currency will becoming more commonplace.(preparing for blackout)
↓ The Economist magazine’s 32-year old prediction of a “financial crash” and a “strong dragon” will on the rise.
↓Did Tesla and other global companies owned by the world’s ruling class exchange their shares for the “strong dragon”?
↓Russian troops deployed overseas return home to prepare for a power outage at self countory.
↓ In Japan, was the opposition government replaced by a new government in the July 4th election?
↓ From the end of July, all citizens will locked up in their homes in a “fake lockdown” (to deter riots).
↓ NASA will be alerting us every day since August 4: “Solar flare. Beware of electronic data loss!”
On Aug. 8th, after the Olympics closed, global blackout.
* The “fake lockdown” will be prolonged. So, on Aug. 17, when the blackout was restored and the people realized that their savings balance was zero, they never go out nor riot. 

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Great awaking! Clear view, no brain fog.

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Alert! World’s savings forfeiture will be Aug. 8th(Sun) in2021
Defense! How to protect your SD card from EMP weapons.
2 ways of saving defense. Physical gold coins or Bitcoin( cold wallet app )
The bad politics of any countries can be solved with these two.
Punch Voting Election method that made injustice 100% impossible.
Most Ideal Politic System( MIPS)…200 parliamentarians ranked in order of enemies / allies. So even those with inferior people selection skills will not fail to vote.


Savings heist and global blackout are simultaneous events.
This is valuable information. There is only one person who knows this information, and as you can see there is only one person who has written about it on social media and told everyone about it. The famous political analysts are not experts in finance. Financial analysts’ political statements are often wrong. None of them know much about both sides and have the skills of criminal investigation.
I think world rulers plan to boost Bitcoin’s reputation in global blackout. “Even if the whole world loses power, only Bitcoin is working!” No matter if bank balances go to zero and securities balances (legal tender, stocks, government bonds, commodities, etc.) also go to zero, Bitcoin (which is distributed data around the world) will not lose its balance. Until 2030, it will continue to stand side by side with paper money, but from Aug 8th of this year, Bitcoin will take the lead. Have your doubts been allayed?
Their goal is cryptocurrency, but the deadline to achieve it is until 2030. Bitcoin is safe as long as it is “PoW” and “open source”. It turns dangerous the day 2030 approaches and they connect Bitcoin to AI. So to avoid world blackout, Physical gold coins and Bitcoin (cold wallet app) are the two safest. If you see Bitcoin connected to AI near the year 2030, it is safer to exchange for physical gold coins. No one should mistake it for an investment. This is a warning that it is safer for you to evacuate before Aug 8th and only then. After that danger date, it would be safe to revert to legal tender. It’s for your own good.
I was not an instant, but a government bankruptcy watcher for many years before the coronavirus. Pay close attention. My criminal investigation was written out of concern for all friends around the world. Protect your precious family and friends.

alart! World’s savings forfeiture would be Aug. 8th(Sun) 2021
Alart! World’s savings forfeiture would be Aug. 8th 2021

English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, Russian, German, Japanese.
______Added on August 17.

I am the antenna of public opinion, because I am always the first to notice it. Neither the government nor the LDP likes the hassle of watching and observing many people from SNS. They can read future public opinion as long as they watch the most perceptive person = only one person. Same for a long time.
The Japanese press either mutes or blocks me, but the English version of Reuters also knew about the NBB. I was surprised that Reuters (the head office of  rulers press)  had set the NBB as a name even before I got involved. If so, the World Economic Forum, IMF, and UN must have been watching the NBB to see if the date was exposed. There is no second person in any other country who has been able to track the date in the first place, so it’s not surprising that they are looking here.

Reasoning regarding the fourth change.
It’s easy to change a single date for the reset conference. But to reconfigure the whole thing from scratch and replay it, it’s impossible. So my conclusion is “no change”. The savings forfeit would be August 8(Sun). I think the idea is that the WEF will fool the world into thinking that it has been postponed to January 2022, when in fact it will be held as an emergency by rolling up the meeting to see the blackouts around the world on August 8.
The WEF’s Mr. Schwab’s goal with this news was a feint. “To deceive me by focusing my gaze on the distant future of January next year, while his real intention is low kick to feet. This must have been the purpose of this news.

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  1. This article is dated May 9. Despite the sudden TV hype, the fall of the Chinese rocket went off without any trouble. So I looked for the “next alert date” on the same day.


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