New coin (with a possible market cap of $317 trillion) is the second key currency that will be the savior of the Bitcoin market.

Title: A new coin with a possible market capitalization of $317 trillion.
SubTitle:A second key currency that will be the savior of Bitcoin market.
Copyright: @NeverBornBizman. May 23, 2022
Algorithm: PoW
Function: Coldwallet
Value: Similar to Gold price
Tentative name: nbb GOLD coin

~Brief Overview~
This is just a PoW type “GOLD equivalent coin” with a simple Coldwallet app. With just this one feature, this new coin will be the savior that will restore the Bitcoin market by inviting the 99.9% of the world population that had not invested in BTC into the BTC market. GOLD-equivalent coin are stronger than the US dollar and can become a common key currency for 200 countries. That is what we are aiming for. We are aiming for a final market capitalization of $317 trillion because GOLD-equivalent coin can control the stock market, the currency market, and the commodity market.
This is a simplified business plan for the new coin that will debut on the Bitcoin market. Full-scale negotiations should be done in person.
“PoW Gold Coin with Coldwallet for daily payment”
The UST shock that occurred this month was deadly. If the dollar standard is lost, BTC and ALTs mean the same thing as $0. I don’t think them recovering.
~Future Outlook~
The BTC crash is destined to repeat itself in perpetuity. The entire industry will live or die many times.
The ratio of professionals to amateurs is 76%:24%. The job of institutional investors (whales) is to make BTC buyers uncomfortable. For BTC buyers, holding BTC is an uncomfortable daily experience and results in less assets. Who is going to do this? Institutional investors (whales) will continue to exist, so BTC’s fate of daily discomfort and loss of assets will be permanent. Let’s resolve this. nbbGOLD, which increases +64% per year = 0.45% daily, will be the second entrance to the Bitcoin market to increase the number of customers.
~ Targeting the 99.9% ~
The exact number of BTC holders (10,889,993) is only 0.1% of the world population. nbbGOLD is an entrance to bring the 99.9% who do not invest in Cryptocurrency. We consider the BTC trade as secondary and our first priority is to be used in society. That use is the act of freezing and storing savings = Coldwallet.
After 2020, the debt of about 200 countries has increased enormously in order to fight coronavirus. Most of the 7.7 billion people are wary of government bankruptcy and frightened of confiscation of their savings.
So in the first year of its debut alone, hundreds of millions of people will want to protect their savings by converting their currency into nbbGOLD. The product that 7.7 billion people want most right now (not appliances or clothes) is a tool to protect their savings. People in the BTC market don’t realize it, but from our businessman’s point of view, the greatest need is to “protect our savings”. This is a blind spot in the BTC market.
Coldwallet could not be used for BTC, which crashes as much as -85% or -60%. The -90% ALTs are also useless. Coldwallet is only effective for GOLD-equivalent coins (which have averaged 1.8x every year for the past 50 years).
*There were already 5 GOLD-equivalent coins, but they were all PoS. This must be PoW absolutely. PoW means the same as “I am the bank”.
And since the plan is to make the nbbGOLD management headquarters a DAO (if it is a DAO with PoW), it is more secure than a bank. Headquarters must be DAO absolutely. People will protect their savings with nbbGOLD’s Coldwallet(with their own hands) , even if they close their bank accounts.
With just one app, nbbGOLD can easily collect savings from all over the world. Complex DeFi? NFT? GameFi? Metaverse? WEB3.0?… Just only one app. Of the 20,000 coins in the BTC market, none is as easy as nbbGOLD. 
nbbGOLD is dedicated to protecting the savings of 7.7 billion people from government confiscation of their property with Coldwallet. The Coldwallet is the only tool on the planet that can protect the savings of citizens. So,it will be flooded with popularity. Government confiscation of savings is sorely needed for 7.7 billion people. It is a tool that everyone surely wants.
How much is the total savings of billions of people? nbbGOLD alone will multiply the overall crypto market cap by tens of times. We are not looking at the BTC investors (0.1%), we are looking at the savings held by the world population (99.9%).
nbbGOLD brings 99.9% of the world population into the BTC market. It will be the savior that will revive the BTC market.

Just as dollar-equivalent coins are priced the same as the US dollar, nbbGOLD is priced the same as physical GOLD. However, with a real-time linked chart, it would be dangerous if price manipulation occurred on the physical GOLD side. To prevent this problem, the price of nbbGOLD was set to the average price of physical GOLD over the past 50 years. 50 years is 18,263 days. The latest today’s rate of change will continue to be reflected in nbbGOLD as the average after removing the oldest day. So even if physical GOLD crashed -5% yesterday, the value reflected in nbbGOLD is ÷18,263, which was only –0.00027%. This law allows nbbGOLD to chart more stably than physical GOLD. It will be flooded with popularity not only in the financial market but also from the general public because it will only soar with a straight line chart of 2° or 3° to the upper right.  Gold/USD , Gold/BTC_chart~Actual profit~
The 50-year average of GOLD is +80% per year, so originally nbbGOLD would also be +80% per year, but due to the maintenance and development costs of the headquarters, the foundation headquarters would get 20% of the annual rate (+80%) and the remaining 80% would be returned to investors.
20% (+16%) of the 80% is for operating and development costs of the foundation headquarters.
80% (+64%) of the 80% goes to the investors.
*The advertisement for the customers says: “nbbGOLD is growing at a pace of 1.64 times per year. One year from the date of purchase, it will increase 1.64 times.”
*This is not postpaid interest, but the interest (differential profit) that anyone can naturally earn if they trade on the chart. So, interest is an inappropriate expression.
*There are three pricing plans, and this is Plan A. Plans B and C are not listed in the public version and will be communicated at the time of contract.
The Coin increasing at +64% per annum (+0.45% per day). This is no longer an investment. It is a savings. It is a savings account with 64% interest, so it is obvious that 7.7 billion people will flood in. It will be obvious how much this will save the BTC market. From now on, you don’t have to be scared every time BTC crashes anymore.
~Three types of units~
Common ALTs have two types, but nbbGOLD has three types of units.
1. Dollar price
nbbGOLD is the GOLD-equivalent, so the price against the dollar is stable. A 30 gram gold coin is currently $1,564-, so divided by 30, 1 nbbGOLD is $52.1. Just as Stable coin is the same $1 when bought and sold, nbbGOLD is the same GOLD price when bought and sold.
2, BTC price
Since nbbGOLD also has BTC units, the number of BITs will go up or down depending on the fluctuation of BTC. This is the same as other Stable Coins. If you look at nbbGOLD in dollars, the chart is stable, but if you look at it in BTC, the price range is very wide.
3, Third unit
nbbGOLD has a third unit hidden away for the day it becomes a reserve currency in the future. It is the gram number (virtual), the unit of weight of gold coins. The symbols are gg (gram), kgg (kilogram), etc. A 30 gram gold coin is currently $1,564-, so 30gg = $1,564-. 1gg = $52.1. BTC is currently $30,000-, so 1gg = 0.001736BTC. 575gg = 1BTC.
Furthermore, for future micropayments, the smallest unit is 0.00000001gg = $0.00000521.
*The unique unit of “gg” is hidden for future use as a reserve currency, so it is one issue as before in the BTC exchange and no hassle is required. Every exchange has a button to switch reserve currency, so reserve currency status is within range when it is listed. nbbGOLD will be lined up next to USDT, ETH and BNB.

~Issued Volume~
The unit price of nbbGOLD is stable: 1nbbGOLD ≈ $52.1. If there are more purchases than issuances (unit price remains the same), the market capitalization will increase, and if there are more sales than issuances, the market capitalization will decrease. So (the unit price remains fixed) the number of issues is always variable. If the total amount of purchases increases the market capitalization, the equivalent number of new issues will be made. If the total amount sold decreases the market capitalization, the equivalent number of units will be burned.
*I am a real business owner and have no experience running a finance business, but in my opinion, in order to gain credibility in society, it is important to disclose the number of new issues and burns, as well as the income and expenses of the foundation’s headquarters to the world.
No one should object to this as the plan is to eventually make it a DAO.
~2 reserve currencies~
From the perspective of the BTC market, nbbGOLD is one of the common ALTs. Even BTC is an ALT when viewed in nbbGOLD’s own unit of ****gg. 20,000 different ALTs are also nbbGOLD’s ALTs. The only difference is whether you look at it in bits or grams, the two reserve currencies are parallel and can continue to coexist. There is no will to defeat BTC.
Type-1: Fans who like the volatility of BTC will continue to buy and sell BTC.
Type-2: Those who are not satisfied with +64% per year and want to see ALTs soar further, will trade ALTs with nbbGOLD as the base currency.
Type-3: Those who only want the security of 1.64x per year, will buy nbbGOLD (without trading ALTs) and freeze it in Coldwallet.
This adds a new option to the BTC market. The traditional customer base (large volatility preference) was 0.1% of the world population, nbbGOLD can increase it to 99.9%.

~Advantages of a second reserve currency~
*Expand traditional customer base (0.1%) to 99.9%.
*The total amount of savings from all over the world will be invited into the Bitcoin market.
*ALTs trading will increase dramatically. Even if you lose 64%, it is +/- 0.
*He himself will not move. The key currency to grow ALTs.
*For the first time in 12 years in the BTC industry, use cases will expand in society.
*If the boss is BTC, meny governments will attack = more regulations, but if it is a GOLD-equivalent coin, all governments will welcome it. This is an enormous contribution to the industry.

1, HardFork existing PoW/build from the ground up. (List it).
2, Release a Coldwallet app. Just this alone (transcending the BTC market) will take over the world.
3, Add payment functionality to the app. (NFC, PhoneNo, Mail, QRcode payment)
4, (If started with HardFork) Migrate to our own mainnet.
5, Open source the system and apps and release them to the world. The foundation’s cash outflow will also be open to the public.
6, Make the operating foundation a DAO, and I, as the commander, will retire. Even the assets of the headquarters will be managed by everyone (by DAO).
7、Make a lot of Wrapped tokens and move other stocks to our chain. *No cross-chain policy.
8, Make nbbGOLD available for direct cash purchase/sale for cash.
 … There will be an increase in the adoption of nbbGOLD in pension management. (Unprecedented rush of popularity.)
 … There will be an increasing number of nations adopting nbbGOLD as a currency (more drastically than BTC)
 … There will be an increase in the number of stores that accept nbbGOLD payments in the world.
x… BTC DeFi opened with nbbGOLD as reserve currency. (Leave it to the ALTs who moved in)
x… (Stocks & Currencies. Credits, commodities, etc.) A financial exchange opend with nbbGOLD as the base currency. (Leave it to the ALTs)
x… Web3.0, Smartcontract, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Metaverse… (Leave it to the ALTs) 
The advantage of nbbGOLD is that it is the simplest to build. The system just copies (hard forks one of the 180 PoW types). Coldwallet also copies existing apps. The system is complete with just two copies. It can be released to society.
9, Put functionality for “The 99% party” in the app, and nbbGOLD is complete.
The last “99% party app” will be the deciding factor, and even if 10 or 20 imitators or competitors appear, we will always win. The product is not the only invention, but we plan to launch a series of ideas that have never been done before in terms of additional functions, strategies, and advertising methods. After gaining market share and gaining an “unshakable position” (I will retire) We will turn the operating foundation into a DAO. It is the ultimate goal and absolute condition of nbbGOLD that it will not be owned by anyone. Conversion to DAO is a non-negotiable item regardless of the contract with any company.
The policy of not cross-chaining is aimed at theft prevention. nbbGOLD specializes in two things: frozen storage and payment function, and everything else is considered secondary.  Other than these two, we will leave the rest to the ALTs who have moved in.
So much for our roadmap in the BTC market. nbbGOLD aims to be a unified global currency shared by 200 countries, but this is a separate issue and will be reported on a separate page.
*Total market capitalization of BTC: $5.55 trillion. (coexistence)
*Total value of all BTC stocks: $1.25 trillion.(coexistence)
*Total value of stocks worldwide: $118.9 trillion. (about 40% of this is targeted).
*The GOLD market ($12.2 trillion) will be revalued and soared together.
Real estate around the world: $217 trillion. (30% of this is the target)
*Paper money in circulation worldwide: $2 ky in 2019.
*Disposable income out of paper money in circulation x 55% = $1.1ky is the initial target.
*Total global assets: $317 trillion. 2018 IMF data
nbbGOLD is truly a payment revolution as it increases by 0.45% daily after the store receives it. Every store and business in the world will happily accept nbbGOLD payment even if it means abandoning other payment methods. It can become the world’s unified currency. nbbGOLD also features a Coldwallet app that allows you to protect your savings in your own hands without relying on banks. The nbbGOLD that everyone wants will certainly become the world’s unified currency, without the approval of any government, the IMF or the World Bank. Most of the 7.7 billion people are scared of government bankruptcy and confiscation of their savings, so they will rush in on their own and hundreds of millions will convert to nbbGOLD in the first year alone to protect their savings.
  “PoW Gold Coin” with Coldwallet for Daily Payment.

The problem of half of the market money disappearing depending on the crash of BTC is and will remain a permanent fate. The solution to this problem doesn’t require wholesale changes to the entire companies or exchanges structure throughout the industry. It can be solved by simply listing one stock. This is no ordinary new coin. nbbGOLD is a “permanent savior” that can revive the BTC market and prevent future decline. The UST shock in May 2022 will be fatal. The dollar criterion collapsed and the number of customers who trust it has gone down. Only the chart may move up, but I don’t think it will ever return to the same number of customers again. Even though I am not involved in the BTC market (I am a owner of real business and inventor), I wrote this plan in a hurry because I am worried because I saw the UST shock this month. I am not in a hurry, but for the BTC market to come back, we better hurry. Please understand that we will be negotiating with many firms in duplicate. Please see the comments section for the terms and conditions that are negotiable and non-negotiable when signing a contract. Please contact me in the comments section below or via DM on Twitter. Thank you.

Copyright: @NeverBornBizman
Great awaking! Clear view, No brain fog.

*My profile. The world’s third largest media Coinpost (CEO) has known me for a long time. Probably Coindesk too? They probably also know me every BTC exchanges in Japan. But, my base place = There is almost no one in the political world who does not know me. 
~My other inventions~
DAO Party by Blockchain “The 99% party
Punch Voting Election method” that made injustice 100% impossible.
PoW Gold Coin with Coldwallet aims for $317 trillion market cap.
Invented a workaround for government bankruptcy.
How to stop hyperinflation.
Most Ideal Politic System(MIPS) Vote for politicians in the Patriotic Ranking.
World Wide Business Bible (WWBB):Worldwide Business Abilities Ranking
Adding “The 99% party (DAO party) app” to nbbGOLD app will put politics directly in the hands of the people. Rather than just the benefits of cryopreservation, the “DAO Party App” will bring 7.7 billion people into the bitcoin market.

Additional explanation is in the comments section below. *
1, PoW and Coldwallet only two
2, Various data
3, Problems of the market 
4, Problems of BTC
5, Merits of a second reserve currency
6, ALTs trade surges
7, Coldwallet app/payment app
8, As a universal currency
9, Four courses of how to get listed
10, Absolute conditions and possible concessions
11, The next best way

______Added July 2022.
It turned out that July 2025, when the media companies are predicting solar flare damage, is the date when savings will be confiscated all over the world. We urgently need to realize the nbbGOLD coin. Just copy PoW and Coldwallet app twice and you are ready for release.
______Added January 3, 2023.
The next confiscation date, July 2025, will be different from the previous (post WW2) confiscations. It seems that not only the savings but also the house will be confiscated. As we all know, “After 2030, private property will be banned and even houses will be rented from governments.” In line with this scenario, 200 governments plan to confiscate our houses. We need to urgently create a PoW-type DAO organization (nbbGOLD) that can protect our property with our own hands. You need yourself too.

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    (2) 各種データ資料集
    * 正確なBTC財布数のうち、機関投資家(大口のプロ)と一般人の比率。
    2019.6.30 プロ81%:19%素人。2022.6.6 プロ85%:15%素人。2022.1~3月間 プロ76%:24%素人
    * 財布ごとの金額差。
    2022.6.6時点で、保有が0.00001BTC~10 BTCまでの財布の総額は2,862,367BTC(15%)、保有10btc以上の財布の総額は16,194,402BTCで(85%)。85:15だから金額も、プロ対素人の比率とほぼ一致する。
    * 正確なBTC財布数。
    2019.12.6 実働64万(22.5%)+休眠中2200万(77.5%)=総数2,839万個。2022.5.15 実働(%)+休眠(%)=総数32,669,980個
    * BTC保有者の人数。
    * 利益:損失。
    客と客が戦う場所が金融市場であり、伝統金融では勝率10%です。人数では損失者が9割:受益者1割なのは昔から不変で一定です。BTCの場合は2022年6月の暴落の後でも、長期保有者の90%が利益で、損失は短期保有者に集中していた。同じ月に、 1年以上移動していない長期保有者は65.7%で、短期は34.3%。同じ月に、10BTC以上を持つプロが総数の85%を保有して、10個BTC未満の小口の総数は15%。
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    3, Bitcoin市場の問題点
    * プロ達によるチャート操作。
    * 投資ではない。
    * 戦争で死の瀬戸際でも、BTCを買わない。
    今年2月から開戦したウクライナ紛争で、両国民が資産防衛のために買ったのはStable coinでした。ウクライナ人もロシア人も、命の瀬戸際であってもBTCを買わなかった事実が、Bitcoinの知名度がすでに世界に浸透した証しと言えます。
    ・機関投資家を排除? それは不可能です。
    ・唯一暴落しないのはStable coinだけですが、価格が変わらないからやる意味がない。
    はっきり言えば、儲かる銘柄が1つも無いのです。2万種類は-90%暴落するし、基軸通貨すら-60%や-85%暴落します。唯一暴落しないStable coinは価格が変動しないのだから、BTC市場に参加する意味がないのです。

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    (5) 第二の基軸通貨のメリット
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    (6) ALTs売買が激増。ALTを成長させる基軸通貨
    (until 2022)従来は-60%暴落する基軸通貨と、-90%のALTsでした。かなり無理がある。成り立っていない。
    (since 2022)毎年1.6倍になる基軸通貨と、さらに高騰するALTsです。

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    7, Coldwallet アプリ。

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