Fortune defense in national collapse

I’ve been tracking government bankruptcies since 2018. From the moment the Coronavirus appeared, I said, “This is a fake. It’s an act to bankrupt the government and confiscate the people’s savings.” This page was written in early 2020, so the information is outdated. The latest and most complete information can be found on the Japanese page. Please translate the Japanese and have a look.
English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, Russian, German, Japanese.
National bankruptcy is imminent. This is an example of asset defense methods at an emergency situation. Your own property is the final decision you make, so this should only be interpreted as a reference level. This page is intended to save the people.
I do not advertise any products to avoid misunderstandings.

The current collapse of the world economy had been announced 31 years ago by Economist Magazine. Because it is a publication of the world ruler, they are the “preliminary notice of self-made performance” that they themselves said. I decrypted the ciphers listed in this magazine, but if I only decrypt it, I am 70% to 80% sure.
I’m a political analyst, so I’m more than 95% confident on dates discovered from the political event schedule. The dates for this year and 31 years ago accidentally were very close.

= Countdown Phase =
Coronaviruses expanding worldwide. China, USA, Japan. The world’s top three economic countries have halted the economy. So, the negative impact is on a global scale. No country is undamaged and all 250 countries will be affected.

= What year, what month, what day?=
When the schedule for the Tokyo Olympics was decided, I easily solved the bankruptcy date. I don’t write a date to prevent it from appearing on Google search, and I don’t say “it’s this blog date (year+1)”. On the other side, the result I decrypted the Economist magazine was  June 15, 2020. Let’s verify together.
Reference:  “Economist Magazine”  pub:1988.1.9. Articles in.
The global economy will collapse on a massive scale after 2018. At this time, the phoenix coin becomes the hero who saves the world and restores the world economy alone while burning the legal currency of each countries. Please welcome the appearance of this phoenix.
The boss foretold in 1988 when there was no Internet system (before commercialization). The description of the collapse time is only “after 2018”, specifically what year it starts, no one was able to decipher for 31 years.


Let’s break the code.
(1) The meaning of the chain on the neck is “Blockchain”.
(2) Which brand? Bitcoin was born in 2009, so it’s definitely different. I know the brand, but I will not write it because the purpose of this page is misunderstood.
(3) What are the three knives above head?
This is the industry term “fork”. Nothing more than nothing. In fact it split into BTC, BCH and BSV. It’s a fork in reality, but he wants to encrypt and he’s struggling with a knife. Is there a three-pronged knife in society? Draw clearly with a fork. Do I say blog date? I can’t say too.
(4) If it is a fork meaning, the other two can be interpreted as a script that withers and declines.

(5)  So then, most important day. When does phoenix start flying?
“Φ” originally means diameter, but it can be interpreted as “2” in two parts. I deciphered this Φ as “2020” in relation to “10” above. Similarly, month and day are divided by two. The year is divided into two, meaning June. The month is divided into two, meaning 15th. 
In the end, I deciphered “The next economic collapse will begin in 2020”. Yes, next year. After all, halving profits (which come only once every four years) will weaken the rivals of the phoenix, but the schedule included in the previous month is probably a self-made play. So I was more convinced that “June is the right answer.” My deeper conviction is that the Economist magazine’s “Financial Schedule” and my “Political Schedule” overlap.
The date that was released this month and I saw this month coincided with the date 31 years ago, and my spine was frozen. 
A script to save from the first bankruptcy country. For the ruler to do this, after the flight date of the phoenix → the date of the first collapsed country’s rescue. I’m convinced that the order is natural. 
Phoenix: June 15, 2020 → Bank Robbery Date: this Blog Date (+1 year). ← Exactly, it is not countory’s bankruptcy date but just before a day when the people have a dangerous savings balance.
It is a danger day for Japanese people, but before the news goes around the world, other countries also should be close to schedule. Be careful. 
(6) Which country will go bankrupt?
National bankruptcy chained one after another by coronavirus crisis. 1st failed country→ 2nd failed country→ 3rd failed country,,, I inferred it from three factors.
* Ranking of countries with high debt.
* Burned banknotes in Economist magazine.
* Countries where coronavirus is spreading.
If we focus on these three factors, the answer is clear.
1, The richest bankruptcy country = Japan.

2, Second candidate = The order that China, United States, Korea, and Lebanon refrain from is obvious. 
3, Third probability = Italy, France, Spain,etc. But in the EU, every country is a community, so I can’t imagine bankruptcy in only a few countries.
* The above is the order as probability. The time will be at the same time on the same day.
(7) First group → Second group → Third group.
It doesn’t mean that all countries are turned into digital currencies at once.
Even after the current Coronavirus is over, they are planning to do a second and third corona spray, and the remaining countries will gradually switch to digital currency. The basis is that the current expansion pace of the cryptocurrency (phoenix) that sucks in can’t be sucked all countries yet, so it’s impossible to change at a stretch. So, when ruler sees the phoenix expand its scale in the future, ruler will spray the virus again.
If the country name is calculated backwards from the current capacity of the phoenix, the scale of GDP that can be swallowed by the phoenix is ​​impossible only in Lebanon and Korea. Even phoenix expansion pace through June 2020 is at the limit of Japan (one country). Is phoenix on time or too late for US-scale capacity? What will happen to the United States from June 2020?
China can do it alone (without the phoenix), as its digital currency will start in late 2020.
So in the winter of 2020, China will again spray the virus and force the people to use digital currency.
This page has many first visitors and everyone is surprised. My profession is an inventor. It is natural that analysis as inventor is impossible for political critics. I’m not strange, all analists are immature.
Aren’t pro-Russian-countries acting in this stupid corona play? Cuba, Libya, Venezuela say ” Multinational comedy?”
Only pro-American-countries will go bankrupt.This is my prophecy!
Their boss said in a magazine that it was a lie, so even  children find that the coronavirus is a lie.
* The purpose of each country playing a corona play is comment below.
* Bankruptcy country forecasts are this page.
(Publicly) Countries reporting high numbers of infected people.=
(Truth) Countries playing stupid corona play are going to go bankrupt.
Coronavirus is clearly a lie. But whether it’s a lie or a truth, the world’s top three economies have halted the economy and are fatal to the world.

From here is important !
The best way to defend fortune in national collapse.

(Translation is in progress. I’m sorry)
(The Japanese page is full text.)

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Great awaking! Clear view. No brain fog.

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=Corona Virus Comedy=
The purpose =Excuse for bankruptcy + savings heist + digital currency.
May~ Basicincome“bankruptcy is people’s fault. we’re not embezzling.”
May~ Basicincome “It’s stolen money and it’s BI! It’s my money.”
Two Ways to Defend Your Property in National Collapse (phoenix code)
Crime notice in Economist mag. 31 years ago + Corona comedy + Phoenix coin+ Olympics = Best date for Savings robbery is 7.23(certainly!). 
Cheats savings robbery with delight(Olympics).
Cheats savings robbery with fear(virus).
Corona intensification is confirmed=4.28(maybe?)
List of 20 countries that have committed to simultaneous bankruptcy.
(I’m not sure only during this period→) After the savings robbery,
a large amount of real virus was sprayed. Confinement until the slaves give up being penniless. A few years? Decades? ←I’m not sure during this period.
2020~2045= Future world after bankruptcy.

Be careful, foreign friends. 
English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, Russian, German, Japanese.

________Added at a later date. 2020.03.24_21:30 (UTC+9)
The Olympics have just been postponed. Then only X day will be earlier.
I will prepare early. Judge yourself.